Good Morning


Not such a good day today, it’s raining and unfriendly weather. I am a little later this morning as my cleaning lady is here busy in the kitchen, shower and bathroom. It is also a bit of a stress day because Mr. Swiss has an appointment at the eye doctor straight after lunch and I will have to bring him with the car. I do not know how long it will take. He will have to have an eye operation for a glaucoma, but today will probably be just examinations. I am hoping that it will not take so long.


At least my hostas seem to be enjoying the rainy weather. Those on the left have been in my garden since 20 years, and the smaller variety I had to replant three years ago after they renovated my garden, but hostas seem to be indestructible: just have to keep an eye on the slugs.


I have also had these mega leaved variety since 20 years and for the first time I have seen on the right a small hosta leaf. I have always left the seed pods to do what they will and it now seems that new little plants are appearing on the right, they are moving in and taking over. There must be a triffid influence somewhere.

Yesterday it was a shopping excursion, which went quite well. I manage to get everything and can now relax with the shopping tour until tomorrow. Thursday is a holiday for ascension day and the shops are all closed in Switzerland, but that is no problem for me as Thursday is not a shopping day. Tomorrow I buy enough to cover until Friday afternoon. I remember such days when I was a working woman and Mr. Swiss and I had a different routine. We would enjoy those free days in between and even perhaps make a short excursion including lunch as a trat. Who would have thought that many years later and with retirement, you just cannot manage to get the energy together to make the most of those days. We are both glad to relax at home now and have no stress.


My iris flowers are now in full bloom and make a good contrast to my Japanese Maple leaf bush.

And now I must move on. I still have a window to clean and have completed all on the East side of the apartment. I still have my daffodils to plant in the garden, as they finished flowering a month ago and I want to keep them for following years.

Have a good day everyone, I am not off and hope to be back this afternoon, although I am not sure how my timetable will be with my extra excursion with Mr. Swiss.


Here is an animation of photos I took on a flower walk. It seems Google does this for me, but a little too fast for my taste.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I love seeing your hostas every year–I have never seen such huge leaves! The animation was fun–I just kept blinking…haha! I need something to smile about before I head off to work. One day soon I, too, shall enjoy the fun of being retired.

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    • Even the gardener remarked how big the leaves are on my hostas. Perhaps it’s the blood I feed them on. That animation was a little too much of a good thing. Retired is fun, I just hope that your health stays with you.

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  2. Good Morning! I am finally caught up, at least for now. I will get behind again today as it is my writing day for the gardening column. I really must figure out how to do less. I enjoy the work I do on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday too much to give it up, but I also enjoy writing on Monday and Tuesday, even though it stresses me out. My volunteer work about town on Saturday and Sunday could use a third . . . or fourth day. Anyway, I am here for now.
    Your hostas are exquisite! I wish they did better here. They would fit into the redwood scheme so nicely. Your iris are so rad too. I miss mine SO much. There used to be fourteen in my garden; and each one had some sort of history behind it. There were three white ones! My all time favorite though looked like the pale blue iris in your fast moving slide show. It looks just like a bearded iris, but it is actually one of its prehistoric ancestors known as Iris pallida, which used to be more common as orris root. I just learned in the past few days that there is a WHITE version of it too! Now I really want the white one, although the pale blue will always be my favorite. It is the one that came from the garden of my maternal-maternal great grandmother. She got it in about the 1920s, when she was in her 20s, from her mother-in-law. My great niece is already taking a liking to it, so it could span seven generations!

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    • Although I am retired, I have enough to do with my blogging and photography, and that is voluntary. I seem to be a succour for punishment.
      My hostas seem to get bigger and bigger every year and now there are seedlings which I have never had before. Perhaps there are triffids nearby.
      I remember my gerandfather’s iris in our little garden in our old house in London. They were the yellow variety. I once read that they are something quite special. Eventually the house was demolished and I suppose the iris disappeared forever. I saw the same type growing by a subsidiary of our local river on the banks, but they have also been removed when they rebuilt the river bank.

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      • The iris could have been something that had herbal significance. It took me a while to determine why my great grandmother would bother growing iris in her very utilitarian garden. I eventually learned that it is orris root.

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    • We have a great show. Everything is growing talller and dense. The wild meadow opposite is looking like a jungle. I am getting plants in my garden Imhave never seen before


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