FOWC with Fandango: Pick


There used to be a time when there was not such a choice of vegetables and fruit. There was always enough to eat, but we were not spoilt.

Today it is all spread out in the supermarket so help yourself. Sometimes this can get a little overwhelming. Even the tomatoes have different shapes and sizes, although they are still red: but they can be long or round, mega sized or mini. I generally have a look at the price before I decide.

There are experts amongst us. I was interested in the conversation held by a married couple last week over the choice of a melon. At the moment the season is beginning. A melon is a melon, but not quite. This is where I go for the special offer. The married couple I saw were experts. She took it in her hand, gave it a tap. Afterwards she had a good sniff and a push with her fingers. She was a full professional. Eventually after exchanging a few words with her husband, she made her decision and put the melon back where she found it after handling it. It was the special offer melon and not good enough for her table.

When she was finished with this expertise, I also decided to have a melon for tea. They can be very tasty together with Swiss or Italian dried ham. I decided to try it out, but all those melons looked the same to me and also smelt the same. And giving it a feel and a push did not help. They all resisted. Eventually I  chose, but not the one that the lady had examined, out of grounds of hygiene. the lady was still hovering around. Did she shake her head  and laugh? I have no idea, and also no interest. Not everyone is an expert melon chooser.

FOWC with Fandango: Pick

RDP Tuesday: Spark

Renovation 08.05 (13)

Two years ago we had quite a sparky time in the building where I live. We were being renovated and there were certain metal bits and pieces that had to be removed. What a feast that was for my camera, I manage to get some nice close up shots.

Renovation 23.05 (14)

That was just the beginning, and a few months later they even brought some flame throwers into the act. What could be better.


That was until when this guy arrived. He was really throwing the sparks everywhere and I was standing next to him, taking my photos, until he mentioned that I should stand back a little. It seems that he was worried that a spark might hit my camera lens and even worse, might hit me.

Renovation 24.05 (4)

The next day her arrived with this. What could be better, this was the real McCoy and the noise was fantastic. Yes it was a sparky life I was living at the time.

RDP Tuesday: Spark

Good Morning


Not such a good day today, it’s raining and unfriendly weather. I am a little later this morning as my cleaning lady is here busy in the kitchen, shower and bathroom. It is also a bit of a stress day because Mr. Swiss has an appointment at the eye doctor straight after lunch and I will have to bring him with the car. I do not know how long it will take. He will have to have an eye operation for a glaucoma, but today will probably be just examinations. I am hoping that it will not take so long.


At least my hostas seem to be enjoying the rainy weather. Those on the left have been in my garden since 20 years, and the smaller variety I had to replant three years ago after they renovated my garden, but hostas seem to be indestructible: just have to keep an eye on the slugs.


I have also had these mega leaved variety since 20 years and for the first time I have seen on the right a small hosta leaf. I have always left the seed pods to do what they will and it now seems that new little plants are appearing on the right, they are moving in and taking over. There must be a triffid influence somewhere.

Yesterday it was a shopping excursion, which went quite well. I manage to get everything and can now relax with the shopping tour until tomorrow. Thursday is a holiday for ascension day and the shops are all closed in Switzerland, but that is no problem for me as Thursday is not a shopping day. Tomorrow I buy enough to cover until Friday afternoon. I remember such days when I was a working woman and Mr. Swiss and I had a different routine. We would enjoy those free days in between and even perhaps make a short excursion including lunch as a trat. Who would have thought that many years later and with retirement, you just cannot manage to get the energy together to make the most of those days. We are both glad to relax at home now and have no stress.


My iris flowers are now in full bloom and make a good contrast to my Japanese Maple leaf bush.

And now I must move on. I still have a window to clean and have completed all on the East side of the apartment. I still have my daffodils to plant in the garden, as they finished flowering a month ago and I want to keep them for following years.

Have a good day everyone, I am not off and hope to be back this afternoon, although I am not sure how my timetable will be with my extra excursion with Mr. Swiss.


Here is an animation of photos I took on a flower walk. It seems Google does this for me, but a little too fast for my taste.