RDP Monday: Sumptuous


I just arrived home from my Monday shopping: no big deal but I got what I needed including my bread. Actually I bought two breads. The photo is of a Tessin bread, which is typical for the Italian part of Switzerland. It is white bread. Some might be shaking their heads as it is not fully packed with the healthy whole meal flour, but I happen to like an unhealthy white bread now and again.

Baking Bread

They actually make the bread and bake it fresh in our store and you can see them at work from the supermarket. It is a daily product so you really would not buy anything old and stale.

This afternoon I saw the Tessin bread on the shelf and took one. Just as I was walking away one of the bakers arrived from the bakery and filled up the shelf with more Tessin bread, straight from the oven and still hot. What does Mrs. Angloswiss do? No she does not immediately replace the bread she had bought and takes a new one which is still piping hot. She deals with the remainder of her shopping. Half an hour later she returns to the shelf and replaces the bread she bought at the beginning of her shopping tour. She naturally replaces it with one of the fresher baked breads. I did not want any embarrassing looks from the other customers, or even the bakers.

i am loving this shopping on my own. I am becoming a real business woman. By the way the second bread I bought was a so-called “Landbrot” (country bread) and that was a dark bread and guess what, it was warm when I took it from the shelf, but that one is for tomorrow.

Oh what a sumptuous life I lead.

RDP Monday: Sumptuous

4 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Sumptuous

  1. A well-baked white bread is a pleasure to eat. Actually, any freshly baked bread is a pleasure to eat. I used to love baking bread, watching it rise, pounding it down, seeing it rise again. I used to make Challah which is like your braided bread. It was always served on Friday night for Shabbat. It was the bread over which the prayer for bread was spoken. It’s beautiful.

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    • I also used to bake my own bread,. I am not really a big bread eater, but the family gets through a loaf a day. We always have the braided bread on Sunday.


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