Good Morning


At last a little bit of blue in the sky. Yesterday I was completely wrong. I thought it would be a good day, but after lunch I heard the first crash of thunder. This was followed up with rain all afternoon and more thunder and it was clear that the storm was getting  nearer. One thunder clap was so loud I was sure it had hit something, but we all survived. One good thing is that my garden was watered free of charge by the weather.


I have now put my small collection of indoor plants outside on the porch as the danger of being frozen is no longer. There is now the danger of the sun burning them in the afternoon, so I must be careful to let the sunshades down.


And my sedum is now flowering in my raised beds and otherwise in the garden. My gardener planted them for a bit of colour in between the other plants, and they are really a hit. They were so small at the beginning and now they have formed a wonderful yellow carpet here and there.

I am glad to say that my photos are now working, at least I hope they are. My flickr app is still in repair, but I am now doing well with google. If you find that they do not appear, please let me know but I think I now have the routine with google, especially as it is automatically connected to WordPress. The photos I take in the mornng are also uploaded at once for my usage. I quite enjoy playing with new programmes actually and am proud to say that I still have a basic knowledge.

As yesterday was a wash-out, I stayed at home, but kept myself busy with blogging and photo organising. It was a nice quiet day. I decided to read my book in the evening, but there was a problem. I usually upload my Kindle regularly in the morning but over the last few days forgot and it was almost empty, so there was nothing with reading. I can usually carry on with my iPad, but as it is a new book, I had not yet synchronised it.


At last my iris have begun to open Actually they are bearded iris, but the beards are only just appearing. As you can see I took my photos after the rain.

I should now begin to do something for lunch, but first of all I should bake my half baked bread in the oven. We like to have a platt bread at the week-end fresh from the oven as our little treat. And when that is finished (takes only a few minutes) I should begin to prepared our beef for lunch. They had a special offer for roast beef in the supermarket so if I begin now it will slowly cook for the next 3 hours in time for lunch.

Have a good Sunday everyone and enjoy, just relax, take it easy an enjoy your computers.


As it is Sunday I though I would let you have a view of the village church up on the hill which I photographed this week.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I looked up the meteo yesterday morning and even put a very early washing on so that I could dry it outside. Only, it looked so doom and gloom (although the weather report was decent) that I didn’t dare to schlepp everything from the basement to the outside. Well, it did NOT rain but I couldn’t take the risk…. I don’t know why we have weather reports. They never seem to coordinate their sayings with our actual weather! 😉


    • Amaryllis do flower again. Just let the leaves grow, give it fertilizer and a year later, remove the leaves, put it inside and it will produce a new flower. My poinsettia will probably not have any red leaves again and the cactiüus is an experiment.

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