RDP Saturday: Pink

I just had to think of this song, released originally in 1968, based on the old ballad of Lydia Pinkham. It praises the advantages of Medicinal Compound, whatever that might be.

Pink is not really my colour, I am more into blue, but I appreciate the odd pink flower I have in my front garden (a buddleia bush).

Pink Buddleia 28.07 (4)

And, of course, who could not resist having a pink caterpillar for the heavy work. I mean the machinery of course, and not the insect.

A pink building machine

RDP Saturday: Pink

14 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Pink

  1. I can’t believe you mentioned Lydia Pinkham! She is the basis for my mother changing her name from Eunice Lydia to Eunice Patricia and shortly thereafter to Pat. I didn’t know until I was in high school that her real middle name was Lydia. The reason she hated it so much was because of Lydia Pinkham’s Female Powder–an embarrassing medicine for a young girl to be associated with. i think it was a cure-all for various “female” problems. My mother left them all far behind when she married my father and moved to another state, far away from her shameful past.

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