A Photo a Week: Endings

The End of the Wisteria

 I would call this the end of our Wisteria. It grew and climbed and eventually became a threat to the house front when it began to creep up the wall belonging to the neighbour. We decided it was time for it to go after ten years and this was what was left after removing the roots. This too also met its fate in the garbage.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Endings

14 thoughts on “A Photo a Week: Endings

  1. I always feel a little bad when a plant has to be removed, although I was almost joyful when we chopped down the roses. So I guess there’s a time for all things, including disposing of the climbing plants that have decided to move in and take over the place!

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  2. Those vines can get get thick and tenacious and even go under siding. Had one in the front yard of my old house, but no matter what I tried it never bloomed. It was too shady there I think…

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  3. great work to this ‘photo of a week’ – I have serious issues with wisteria. On the one side they are truly beautiful but their smell is killing me. On the other side, we had already to replace a dividing wall to one neighbour because a wisteria grew so heavy and powerful that their garden shed collapsed and pulled the wall down – luckily, these neighbours are nice people and we established a beautiful post-wisteria friendship!!!!

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  4. That is rather sad but it had its time. We had ivy growing on one wall of our house and eventually it started trying to get in so it had to go. I’ve noticed recently that it is marching towards the house again. It will be a race to see if it gets to the wall before I sell the house.

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    • We also have ivy everywhere, but luckily it remains in the garden. I liked my wisteria, but it was an invader. It climbed up to the neighbour’s balcony above. She quite liked it, but it was then I decided it must go

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  5. I’ve been trimming the end of the tulips this week, making way for the roses to fully bloom and tomato plants. (We plant the tomatoes by the roses so that the bees pollinate the tomatoes when they come for the nectar in the roses.)

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    • I used to have tomatoes in the garden and many other vegetables when Imwas younger. I cannot manage so well now due to my MS, but my gardener constructed two raised beds which are perfect

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