A Photo a Week: Endings

The End of the Wisteria

 I would call this the end of our Wisteria. It grew and climbed and eventually became a threat to the house front when it began to creep up the wall belonging to the neighbour. We decided it was time for it to go after ten years and this was what was left after removing the roots. This too also met its fate in the garbage.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Endings

FOWC with Fandango: Factor


It seems that our postman has a new helping factor in his daily post rounds. Instead of having to reach up to the slit in the letter box he now has help from a ladder to show the way and a racing pigeon to help him. These additional assistants are to be seen in most post boxes. Switzerland is modernising its postal service.

FOWC with Fandango: Factor

RDP Saturday: Pink

I just had to think of this song, released originally in 1968, based on the old ballad of Lydia Pinkham. It praises the advantages of Medicinal Compound, whatever that might be.

Pink is not really my colour, I am more into blue, but I appreciate the odd pink flower I have in my front garden (a buddleia bush).

Pink Buddleia 28.07 (4)

And, of course, who could not resist having a pink caterpillar for the heavy work. I mean the machinery of course, and not the insect.

A pink building machine

RDP Saturday: Pink

Good Morning


And this photo is from this morning, taken on my mobile camera. It looks like rain, but I do not think so, just a remainder of some clouds floating by. At last my photo provider is back to normal, more or less. I spent some very nerve wrecking hours lately with this provider. I was in a desert, enough water to drink, but no photos. I still have not uploaded my last batch to Flickr but in the meanwhile have adopted Google photos as well.

I am still getting used to adding a Google image, but this one worked quite well, just a copy-paste. The cows posed for a group photo when they saw me with the camera. I will have to visit the other group over the week-end. They are the real thing and their farmer allows them to keep their horns. There is nothing less photogenic than a hornless cow.

I have not been so acive in the last couple of days on WordPress. My blogging routine was completely down and I missed out on a couple of challenges, not to mention my flower of the day opporunities, Now I hope to be back and fighting fit again. There is nothing more annoying to prepare 70 photos for an upload and afterwards they do not upload, but I hope this will be a thing of the past.


Even the chickens were out and about. I was not sure if this was father and daughter, or mother and daughter, but they remained together for the photo. Mr. Swiss assures me it is a rooster, and he should now I suppose.

Yesterday was week-end shopping, with the glorious mistake that I left my money at home and had to drive twice to the supermarket. It was probably a good exercise for my driving abilities. Now I do not intend going anywhere with the car for the next couple of days until Monday. It will be wheelchair time for me and perhaps another venture into the world of photography in town. I seem to be  succour for punishment.

And of course I also met my friends, the geese. They seemed to be having a conference , probably about when the next feeding time is due.

The weather has be super this week. The rains have more or less gone, it is warmer, but not too hot and my garden is growing. My No. 1 son has a week’s holiday next week. On Thursday it will be ascension day so all Switzerland will be closed, and most companies also give Friday as a free day as well. My son’s boss decided to close the company for a week, although son No. 1 with other colleagues is on call up in case urgent work arrives.

And now to continued with my daily duties. There are things to be dealt with, I just like to have everything neat and tidy and what else does a golden oldie have to do when she is not blogging or taking photos. Some even knit, but I gave that up years ago.

I hope you have a wonderful week-end. Take it easy and my your computers be working as they should. I leave you with a view from our local castle on the hill over the Bernese plane.