RDP Friday: Memory

Garbage burning 14.02 (1)

They burn the stuff you no longer need. It disappears forever. At the age of 73 it seems that my memory is something I no longer need, because it is slowly disappearing. Everyone knows my name, “Hello Mrs. Angloswiss” they say and I look at them, and really I do recognise the people that know me, but I no longer know their name, so I answer “Hello Mrs. …….” and I hope that they are not really listening, because I am shamed to admit that I do not remember their name and cannot fill in the dots.

Today I really flopped. It is Friday and this afternoon I made my way (on my own) to the supermarket. As usual Mr. Swiss said have you got everything, and I answered yes. It has become routine, but it should not and it was not. I arrived at the supermarket, a 5-10 minute drive away, and entered and then I realised that I did not have my purse. I had no money, no credit cards, no nothing. It was then that I realised how alone I am in the world. I had no choice, back to the car and drive home.

The problem is that the seasons are changing and I no longer bother to wear my jacket. this means that my little shoulder bag with compartments for credit cards, my purse and iPhone is no longer automatically with me. I now take my larger bag and transfer everything into it, but today I forgot to transfer my purse which was still sitting in my little shoulder bag at home. I had remembered my mobile phone and the car keys, but that was all. And so I climbed back into the car, drove home and picked it up and was on my way again to the supermarket. A complete half an hour lost because of a failed memory.

Getting older is one problem, but the memory also gets older.

RDP Friday: Memory

8 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Memory

  1. You don’t have your 73 candles on the cake to do that. I have done it – and my lost time was nearer one hour…. I just call it my ‘Senior Moments’ πŸ™‚

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  2. Well for what it is worth…. your ability to write paragraphs that are clear, concise and to the point … has not faded, so there is that. I would not worry about it, just be sure your access numbers for ATM and computers are written down somewhere so that if you have a “senior moment” you have a reference document you can consult. Have a good weekend. SLP

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