Good Morning

Misty Morning

Nothing romantic about our misty mornings here. It is damp and not very warm. After three nights of constant rain and  a day full of it since the week-end, the damp is now rising in the morning. At least my plants are happy about it, I have never seen such large leaves as this year.

Glass Disposal

I noticed that our two bags were quite full with glass and metal which we collect when used. It takes up too much room in the garbage bin, and such objects are recycled. Every town and almost every village have their own depot and so son No. 1 and I were on our way after lunch. It is not so far away, just on the other side of the village, but I have to saddle up the car as we are not carrying two heavy bags. When I arrive I can park the car just at the entrance which is very useful. Son No. 1 takes the bags and empties them into the correct containers. It is all labelled: green glass, brown glass and clear glass.The empty tins and other metal are their own containers, and there is also one for batteries, although I deposit the batteries in the boxes supplied in the store: Swiss organisation at its best. The actual operation take only about five minutes and we were soon home again. When Mr. Swiss was driving he dealt with it, but now it has become just another chore for me to deal with.

I afterwards retired to my bed for an hour. I really wanted to go into town. My photo system on the computer is closing down for the night our time, to be transferred to a new server, and I really wanted to capture a few photos. I decided that I had enough time after my sleep and was on my way in my wheelchair.

Altstadt 21.05.2019

There was not really a lot going on in town and there were not many people around. It was not very welcoming weather and a little cool. It seemed to me that the town was reserved mainly for youngsters and parents with their kids. Many of the shops seem to be closing down. It is only the special stores that manage to survive such as telephone communications where you need advice. The building behind the fountain was a department store. It was taken over by an Italian chain, but only survived a month and closed its doors. since half a year it is empty, still waiting for a new owner. Our town now seems to be full of restaurants and bars.

There were also a few people in their wheelchairs as myself and I also see many pushing their walkers. I always get a friendly greeting from fellow handicapped: perhaps because we share the same problems. I must say the walkers are really a brilliant invention. At first I did not want one, but they are ideal. I am more flexible in my wheelchair, but if I have to attend a doctor’s appointment I always take my walker with me in the car. Next month I will have an eye examination and will not be allowed to drive the car because of the eye drops. I will take the local train and go further with my walker, which will be ideal.

Train Bridge with Krummturm 21.05 (2)

At least the trains still call in. Here is one passing our bridge which leads to the main station. Our wonky tower is in the background: so-called because the architect in the middle ages made a few mistakes when calculating dimensions.  Our town of Soothurn is on the main line connection from Geneva to Zürich.

I decided there was not very much going on and so made my way home along the banks of the River Aar.

Aar 21.05 (4)

This time I decided to travel on the other side of the river at the beginning. As I crossed the bridge I got a good view of the appartment blocks where I live – the white ones in the photo.

Today nothing special. I will be around later I hope, perhaps without photos as the programme might be closed. In the meanwhile make the most of the day.

Horse Chestnut 21.05.2019

It is now that time of the year when the horse chestnut trees are flowering.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a great recycling centre. We have a council one and we also have a recycling bin which is collected twice a month but many things that could be recycled here are not like eWaste. So convenient to have everything in one place.

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  2. You know I love my home country. The one thing that irks me however is that you can’t also put your papers to rest in containers, as I got used to do when HH lived in Bern…. The Swiss are wonderful in doing everything ‘just so’ but in many ways they also massively overdo it…. The separation of all kinds of paper (cardboard, plastic windows cut out of enveloppes, etc. AND the right kind of tie to bundle them up….) really, really goes on my nerves. All the more that one of my sis in law told me and showed me that when the collected papers get to the ‘depot’ they all mix them up again with the cardboard and stuff….

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  3. It looks like your photo captured the second the two trains heading in opposite directions were “nose to nose” … very skillful. Hope you have a good day. We are having wonderful spring weather today, although it feels a bit like October, but I will spend the day putting off the long delayed project of repotting as many of the houseplants as I can get to. There are lot of them that need it. I won’t get to them all but if I can do most that would be nice. This weekend is our national Memorial Day holiday to remember the war dead (although most people just think of it as the first big holiday and shopping day of the summer season … but it is to honor the veterans and the war dead ….) so we will have a three day weekend and I will be able to finish the repotting of the plants then. Have a good day. SLP

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  4. You say there’s nothing special there but I love the mist in your photo, actually I love where you live period. There’s something so calm and soothing about where you live by the pictures you take, I’d say you live somewhere very special.

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    • It is just a very small village next to a market town, but we have eveything I need. Even the mist has its charm, although it can get a bit damp sometimes.


  5. We are finally getting a bit of nice weather. Normal for the month, even. Not warm. I know. I just changed from sandals to warm slippers. My feet were cold. But it’s not REALLY cold and I think it feels warmer because the sun is out — and I have an annoying fly buzzing around my ear. Definitely spring!

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    • We have avenues of horse chestnut here and I only noticed when I uploaded this photo that the flowers seem to be a little different to the others. Everything is growing well this year. We had plenty of rain mixed with sun and it seems to be a good thing for the gardens.

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