Good Morning

Morning Sky

Nothing special today. After two nights of rain and yesterday a day of rain, it has now stopped and perhaps it might brighten up, who knows. I am also later today as my cleaning fairy is here busy in my bathroom and shower. Otherwise I was also busy cleaning windows. I like to do them regularly so that they do not give so much to do.

Yesterday was a shopping afternoon and Mr. Swiss decided to come as well, although he disappeared when I arrived in the store and I only found him when I was finished. He did say that it made a pleasant change to his daily routine, but he is glad he does not have to come each time I go shopping.


At last my peonies have decided to open their buds which have been waiting for a couple of weeks. The German name for them is Whitsun roses because that is the time of year when they usually flower, although they are a bit early this year according to the time table.


As I am writing the sun has appeared, so who knows, perhaps I will be out and about this afternoon.

Swans nesting 18.05 (7)

A couple of days ago, on my last wheelie in my chair, I noticed this pair of swans on the river bank. I think they have built a nest and I will keep my eye on their results. I think there might be a few eggs that they are breeding.

And now I am off to the kitchen to cook lunch. Otherwise nothing special happening at the moment.

Have a good day, see you around.

Wild Flowers 18.05.2019

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