Good Morning

Front Garden

This morning is a rainy one. It rained througout the night and looks like it will be here to stay for the day, or perhaps week. I do not really mind as it means I can save our expensive water to spray the garden: nature is doing it for me.  My No. 1 son tidied up my garden a little yesterday. I had all sorts of strange growths in between the stones, but they were easy to remove. I still have my pot of dead daffodils and when I have the time and patience I will  plant them in the island in the middle of the garden around my buddleia bush.

Back Garden

One thing I have noticed with this wet and warm weather is that my garden is growing to the extent that it has become quite luscious and the leaves are twice as large and dense as usual. Only the flowers are waiting to open.

Naturally with this wet weather I am not going places. Yesterday afternoon was quite sunny and warm, but I preferred to stay at home and take it easy on the porch. Even my cat Tabby has now changed to her summer routine and sleeps outside more, although being allergic to the water that falls from the sky. she has now retired to her favourite armchair inside.

Back Garden

This afternoon they are letting me out on the road with my car to explore the supermarket. Since I have taken over the complete responsibilitiy for the shopping and food organisation I noticed that I am so good that the cupboard is really a bit bare I used to have a few tins of stuff like tuna fish and fruit but now I have used them all. They are quite good for an emergency although I also have a few packets of frozen veg. I made a note on my list to stock up.

Yesterday was again a day filled with the voting results of a few referendums for the Swiss government. One of the issues was to adjust our laws on armaments (guns etc.) to fit the European laws. The majority voted yes, so I do not what will actually change. Every able bodied man up to a certain age, has a rifle somewhere at home as they are eligible for military service once a year and have to be ready. They also have to go for a shooting practice on the ranges once a year. The only weapons I have are a few kitchen knives and of course a Swiss Army knife, which all Swiss have somewhere.

There was also something about our state pension scheme. The majority said yes, so I suppose it must be good for something. This morning I saw that our government have put forward the proposal to pay a 13th annual pension. This means that instead of every month, I will get an extra one during the year. I find this great and definitely it will be a “ja°. However I will be 73 this year and it will be probably a year until we an vote for it. Afterwards if it is accepted it will be another couple of years until it might exist. I can imagine I will be 80 years old, Mr. Swiss almost 90, when it actually happens.  At least my grandchildren will profit from it. The extra money might be good for a new pair of eye glasses, an improvment on my wheelchair, or cover the costs of a senior citizen’s home or a daily cleaning help. Or perhaps it will cover my life insurance.

And on this happy note I will depart for a few hours. I have some houshold chores to complete, although Monday is an easy day. May the health be with you as we golden oldie knights say and have a good week.

Iris bud

And my first iris is ready to flower (if it stops raining).

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I was sad when you wrote that you’d change your garden to a ‘parkplatz’ (not my choice of words, my ex (a looooong time ago) countered every one of my propositions to add yet another row of slabs with ‘we should pour tarmac over everything and park the car!) but now I find it the best thing to have done. It looks really, really lovely and is handy to have things at a better height too. Bravo

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    • I can no longer manage to plant at ground level. the plants I have in the surrounding area are all perreials and easy to manage. I am glad that I now have my herbs in the raised beds. And no more lawn, that was more trouble than it was worth and eventually the Engerlinge took over and that was death.

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  2. I stopped raining, at least for two days. Tomorrow, more rain, but in the meantime, all the insects woke up, but so did flowers. I have tests and doctor appointment for the next week, so I’ll write when I have time, but the next couple of weeks are navigating to hospitals!

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    • We are also in for a week of rain with perhaps a little sun in between. We also have a few appointments, mainly with Mr. Swiss to the eye doctor as he will be having an operation for a glaucoma eventually. Afterwards I have to go. The optician said it would be better as my sight is not longer as good as it was, although I can see perfectly well. She finds it will be best to have an examination to see if there is anything wrong. I do not have the feeling that I have a glaucoma. Since I had my new glasses I see much better.


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