FOWC with Fandango: Disingenuous


His on the left, mine on the right and we are both looking in opposite directions. Our toothbrushes know how to agree, each does its own thing

Today Mr. Swiss decided to come shopping with me. Great, I was not on my own, although I decided to say nothing. And so we drove off eventually, me at the steering wheel and he as passenger. I must say our role change does work. He knows that it is better not to talk to me when I am driving and I can ignore him as a passenger: perfect

We arrived at the store and took the lift to the lower floor. I had to go to the drug store for a few things and suddenly he also appeared for a few things. I was dealing with my shop assistant and he had another assistant. In two minutes we managed to cause confusion, because the assistants were not sure whether to treat us as one person or two. I took over and said I will deal with it and his assistant was glad her problem was solved.

I then said I wanted to have a look in the flower department for a few photos. He disappeared and so I progressed upstairs to the supermarket after taking my photos. I called him on my mobile phone – no answer. I tried again, and again and again etc. etc. You know, but no answer. He had forgotten to take his phone with him he explained afterwards. I did my shopping on my own. Suddenly he was there with his own trolley, again we had to combine everything in my trolley.  I told him to take a seat and wait. Then everything was perfect.

I still do not know what disingenuous means, but I do know that when I do my own thing it works perfectly. We arrived back in the car together I drove off and we reached home in one piece. I put the shopping away and then proceeded to my computer. I had to laugh at something a blogging colleague had written. He admired me and said I have a gift of laughing  when he was still in a miserable mood. I did not invite him to come with me it was voluntary, but we are still on good terms. After 50 years no-one is disingenuous, just agree to disagree.

FOWC with Fandango: Disingenuous

7 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Disingenuous

    • Mr. Swiss now has no choice, neither do I. I used to hate driving when he was the passenger, but now it is a different situation and I now have the routine


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