Good Morning

Morning Clouds

Reality has returned, and it was so good to hug the bed and relax, but action must be. I dragged myself to the kitchen and on the way had a look at today’s sky. I saw that there was a bit of blue in between, despite that it rained during the night. Actually those night rains are quite good, meaning I do not have to water the garden in the morning. Water has become quite an expensive commodity here.

Talking of commodities, I/we were quite shocked with our last electricity bill. We knew that again the prices had increased, but we are now paying a third more than the last time, and we (actually me) really save on the electricity where we can. I am the one that switches unnecessary lights off. The electricity gurus did tell us that there would be an increase, but I never realised that it would be so much.  I think we will have to return to the days of candlelight, although perhaps candle-wax prices would also increase.

Yesterday I did go for a wheelie in my chair in the afternoon. I was interested to see what shape the “fifties” week-end was taking in town. On my way there I got the first hint as I was wheeling along.

Cars of the fifties 18.05.2019

This car drove past and of course I was ready with my camera. It was a Pontiac and  they really do not make them like that any more. Probably such cars are/were more common in the states in the earlier days, but our roads in Europe were never really big enough.

As I arrived in town there were more such arrivals. They were still arriving when I was there, so I had to move over to allow place for them to drive in.

Cars of the fifties 18.05 (1)

I do not know what this one is, but I had to move over to allow it to enter. I also saw some people in town who were ready for the fifties. Most were in blue jeans with wide turn ups on the legs showing the contrasting lighter blue jean material from the reverse side. The men had peaked caps and dressed for the occasion with perhaps a small bow tie on the shirt. In my days of the fifties I was about 10 years old. I remember the fashions to a certain extent, but the man on the street just wore what was available and I do not remember bow ties. I do remember by first jeans, it was actually the first time I wore trousers and did I feel special.

Reading Circle in town 18.05.2019

I wheeled on and discovered this group of people at the side of river comfortably seated in various armchairs and settees. The guy on the right had a book in his hand, a microphone, and was reading. It was all situated next to our town book case where we have books you can bring or take for reading purposes. It costs nothing and I often see people there searching for the right book. The poster next to the guy says that anyone can read but there are rules that they do not sit there for hours of course, reading a complete book. I found it a good idea and it was very comfortably done I told Mr. Swiss about it, and he said it was mentioned some time ago on the TV and radio.

Plane in town 18.05 (2)

Opposite, if you look carefully, you can see that a plane had been parked. It was from a flying school advertising how easy it would be to learn how to fly. I decided I fly enough when I have my special falls where we have to organised men from the ambulance service to pick me up again, so I moved on.

And now enough early morning talk. I have a meal to prepare, a little bit of tidying, a little bit of bed making and a shower to perform. Let us see what the day holds for me. Perhaps I might return to the fifties this afternoon, who knows. Have a good one, take it easy.

I noticed the pigeons are at it again, the male all puffed up and ready to go. I often feel sorry for him after minutes of cooing and encircling his newly found mate and she is not willing and flies off leaving him to search for a new partner.

pigeons 18.05 (5)

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Fantastic photos of classic cars !!! At first I thought maybe you went to Cuba and were sending back your travel photos !!! The green one is a buick … from the 1950’s I think …. the three chrome knobs on the back fender were the trademark. Hope you have a good day. We are cutting the grass with the lawn mower here today. I hear the neighbor already out (this is what Americans who live in the suburbs and who don’t go to church do on Sunday mornings ….power up the noisy lawn mowers and cut their grass ….). We will go to church, render to god what is god’s … then come home and cut the grass while the others are trying to take their Sunday afternoon naps. In our neighborhood you can tell 8 am on Sunday morning … they start the lawn mowers SHARP at 8 am … some kind of self imposed quiet time which is lifted at 8 am I reckon. Too bad. We are going to move in a couple of years and get away from this business. We have had enough. Take care. SLP.

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    • It was quite an occasion yesterday as one car from the fifties after the other rolled into the speial parking spaces. Today there were probably more, but I am too lazy to go into town. It is a pleasant sunny day and I decided to take it easy and am on the porch outside with my computer.
      If you mowed your lawns here on Sunday it would not be long if you live in an area with neighbours, that the police would be knocking and give you a nice juicy fine. Mowing lawns on a Sunday is not something you do. When I had a lawn my automatic mower would quietly do his job on his own and that was OK. It has nothing to do with religion here, just respect for peace and quiet on Sunday I suppose. What annoys me more are the screaming kids with their bikes and trolleys that like to take the downward path next to my bedroom window when I am trying to have a midday sleep.


  2. The price of electricity is skyrocketing here, too. I have had a lot of big fights with the company because we can’t afford a big jump in price. So far, so good, but I hope it’s a cool summer so we can skip the A/C!

    ALL our birds are doing their “wooing” think right now. it’s sweet.

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    • Everything is getting more expensive. We are planning to close our nuclear power plants. I find that OK, but what next? There’s no substitute and it will get more expensive.
      At least the birds are happy.


  3. Even we, with a tiny time-limited rental in Zurich were sent an additional invoice for quite a steep sum for the 2 months we’re renting…. It was for heating and electricity. I couldn’t understand it because we had the heat (floor) heating turned off completely as it was too hot anyway and the few hours Hero Husband is at home and not at work can’t make a big difference. But hey, we paid it and that’s that…. You try to reason with the EW or the management of the buildings!!! Yes, THEIR ‘work’ was very expensive…. so maybe that bit put the curve up – who knows!

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  4. Wow, I really don’t know what that second car is. I do remember those sorts of Pontiac though. I do not know which one that it, but it seems to be a smaller one, like the Ventura. Those were the more popular ones. My favorite was the Bonneville. It was the big Pontiac, and comparable to my Electra, which was a Buick. Electra as a bit more stylish (although not really more stylish, just a different style). Bonneville was sportier and faster.

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