FOWC with Fandango: Abroad

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Yesterday evening our TV communications were again showing what they can achieve. It was Eurovision Song Contest time again. For those across the pond this is a European thing where since 1956 (so long ago) various countries in Europe compete with a song every year. I remember the first days where it was just a few countries all singing in their own languages, although even then English seemed to be the main one.

At the beginning we would watch this little contest on our black and white TV at home hoping and knowing that actually great Britain deserved to win, no matter what the song. The Brits had to learn eventually that they were not the only country in Europe and the days of the Empire were now gone. There were countries like France and Germany and even little Switzerland who actually won the first contest with Lys Assia from Ruppeerswil who passed away last year.

And now the years have gone past and Europe has expanded. We have now so many countries competing that  preliminary competitions have been organised to determine who takes part in the grand final. I remember back at the beginnings that one country from Eastern Europe, Jugoslavia (this country no longer exists) would send a singer dressed in a nice suit and sing his heart out with a song more resembling an operatic aria than something modern. Of course he lost, but the country was taking part.

Today it seems the countries of Europe have multiplied and there are names and places we have never heard of. Aserbaidschan was more a place with perhaps its own post stamps, but definitely not a song. The songs were only allowed to sung in the country’s own language for a while, but since this law has changed, most countries are now singing again in English. And what about the Brits? Yes well in yesterday’s competition they were last, no longer the kings of song and it seems that the Brits are blaming it on teir prime minister and Brexit. It was also an exception that Switzerland were taking part in the final. The song was quite good, all Swiss thinking it would have a chance to win, but it only arrived at the fourth place. And Holland was the winner, whether you like the song or not. I am not quite sure how it is voted, but it seems today to be an online thing with telephone and computer from the people. Anyhow here it is.

So enjoy if you can. For me it was an exception that I actually watched the contest yesterday because through the years, since strange countries were taking part with strange songs and strange dressing codes, we gave up. However, we are now golden oldies and a little bit of international song contest makes a change on a Saturday evening. I must also say that the quality of the songs has improved and no longer the strange rapping tones, or incomprehensible chants of a land that no-one has heard of. Europe has grown and who could imagine that as guest country Australia is now also allowed to take part. Perhaps once day we might welcome a song from the States. Yesterday Madonna put in a guest appearance on the show, but it seems she is no longer what she was and a bit off tune.

FOWC with Fandango: Abroad

7 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Abroad

  1. You know, Israel used to compete in that contest too. I don’t know if they still do, but we not only didn’t win, we hardly ever had an entry worth watching. Still, we always tuned in to see it. We didn’t seem to have any knack for the latest music and for some reason, it never occurred to anyone to use songs that sounded like our own music. We were always trying to do something sort of vaguely British or American. They don’t show it here. A pity. I would love to see it again.

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    • The show took place in Israel because they won last year. Israel have won quite a few times. The Lady that won with the Song „Halleluja“ many years ago was there, about 20 years later, sang the song again it was one of the best winners.


  2. I watched it too. I think the songs have improved a bit in the past few years too. I doubt the UK will ever win again, we’re disliked too much & it’s all too political. I don’t think the song deserved last place. However, I attended one of the rehearsals when it was held in Birmingham, the year after the last time the UK won. I have to say it was a wonderful experience, such fun & the atmosphere was fantastic! I was shocked at Madonna’s performance, I imagine she was mortified when she watched it back, if she dare!

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    • I never watched it in the last few years but the Swiss were lucky to get as far as the finals. For i a while it was dominated by the Russian new countries all voting for each other. There used to be songs you could remember afterwards, but that is no longer. The days of Sandy Shaw have long gone unfortunately..

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      • You’re right, unfortunately..I barely remember the winning songs from one year to another now. Politics has spoilt it, although I did notice some booing when obvious neighbours voted for each other during the voting this time, though I doubt it’ll ever change now.

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  3. What a different and interesting take on the theme! I’m only informed as far as that I read the total disappointment of the jury’s decision to not let UK win but to put them at the far end….

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    • Honestly speaking I am fed up with hearing the Brits complain. It was a bad song and nothing special and they all blame it on Brexit, what a stupid excuse. I found the Swiss song a good one.

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