FOWC with Fandango: Quizzical

Swans nesting 18.05 (4)

This afternoon I went for a wheelie in my chair. I was travelling on the opposite river bank for a change and suddenly I had to stop to take a closer look at this pair of swans. They were together, one a little smaller than the other. They seemed to be a bit different to the usual swan pairs I see. I could not say why, but they were very much occupied with one another.

It was then that an elderly couple walked along and also saw the swans. The man said to me “Are they nesting, it looks like it”. I told him I had no idea, but on a closer look, yes there were feathers everywhere and the sitting swan was probably keeping her eggs warm. sitting in the nest.  I could not get closer and did not really want to as I did not want to disturb them. It is the time of year now that the babies will soon be arriving.

What a wonderful site on an afternoon. Our quiz was solved in any case.

Swans nesting 18.05 (5)

FoWC with Fandango: Quizzical

RDP Saturday: Patterns

Baselstrasse 11.01 (35)

When I go anywhere, in the car or in my wheelchair, I always have a camera with me. In the car, because I am the driver, I just now have my mobile phone camera to use for places I visit. In my wheelchair I can take it all with me as I do not have to carry anything. I have a large bag with space for my DSLR Nikon camera and any lens I wish to take, although I have a good adjustable lens up to 300 and that serves my purpose well.

Patterns are everywhere. The photo above is from a house wall. It always fascinated me and so I had to take a photo.

Baselstrasse 11.01 (19)

Shop windows can have the most interesting arrangements. This is the window of a bookbinder and picture framer. I found the arrangement of the various pages from a book very interesting.

Shadows Langendorf 06.06 (1)

I have a collection of shadow patterns. This is one of my favourites showing the reflections caused by the sun on a bridge with glass sides at the local supermarket.

Clouds 28.03 (1)

And often you are surrounded by patterns. Just lift your eyes to the sky and the clouds make their own patterns.

RDP Saturday: Patterns

Six Word Saturday: Optical Illusion Hides in the Mirror

Mirror 15.05.2019

Following up on Debbie’s quote, I took this photo (which are really hiding everywhere). We have a local railway and along the village route there are various mirrors to protect the exits of the houses. I caught this photo of a branch of a tree which seems to be an extension of the tree bordering the sign: so did the tree grow into the mirror or not?

Six Word Saturday: Optical Illusion Hides in the Mirror

Good Morning

Morning Clouds

We seem to have the remainder of the rain clouds from yesterday. After a good start to the day we had a thunderstorm in the afteroon and a deluge. It continued to rain through to the night. Actually I do not mind. I could save some watering this morning on the garden.

My day began as usual with cleaning my cat’s recycling box. As something completely different I also started cooking lunch early in the morning.

Boiling beef

I have a nice piece of boiling beef for lunch which needs time (about 3 hours) and will be cooked with veg and some nice marrow bones. I serve it with potatoes and that will do for my cooking efforts during the morning. That is the advantage of long cooking. You can forget the kitchen until it is time to eat.

I also had a walk aroud my little garden to see how it was growing and this time everything seems to be having gigantic sizes.


My sedum has never had such large leaves. Although they do not flower until late summer I am expecting a good show of flowers.


I was not sure at first what this was as again the leaves were sizes of dinner plates, but now I believe it to be a hollyhock which is already making competition with Jack’s beanstalk.

Crops 16.05 (1)

I noticed on my last excursion along the river that the farmer had already made the first grass cuts and nicely parcelled up for next year’s hay. Yes, gone are the days of hay stacks, it is now very decorative and easier to store in plastic.

I have at last planted my passion fruit seeds. They are quite expensive to buy if you find them, but I had a tip from a web site. Buy a passion fruit for a reasonable price. I had a look in the supermarket and found one for a few cents. It also said that generally you have to soak the seeds for about 24 hours before planting to soften them. A better idea is to take them fresh from the fruit, surrounded by their squashy pulp, and plant them direct in the earth. Of course this was the method I used. If they will grow I am not sure, but I love experiments.

So what shall we do today. I would not mind a wheelie this afternoon for a few photos, weather permitting. They have a fifties event in the local town, and perhaps there might be a few objects worthy of a photo.

Yesterday afternoon I spent my time on a shopping trip for the week-end food supplies. Since I do my shopping in the afternoon I discovered it is the best time to go. There are less people and always space to park. This of course with the exception of Saturday afternoon. Saturdays seem to be the days for family expeditions where the kids run wild in the store and the fathers are glad when the whole experiement is over. I feel sorry for the plagued mothers that have to endure it, not only on Saturday afternoon. I remember the days when I not only had to look after the shopping quests, but keep the complete family organised. Needles to say I avoid Saturday shopping when possible.

And now to organise my day. There are beds to be made, after airing them by opened windows, floors to be mopped and other little housewife hobbies. However it is all a matter of applying the logistics. See, dinner is already cooking. I have also noticed a small challenge I would like to complete. One of the trials of a cyber golden oldie.

So enjoy the day, make the most of it and perhaps husbands might help. OK, forget it, but we can always have a dream.

Stream 14,05 (1)