RDP Friday: Graduate

Tree Aare Path 18.08.2018

Once upon a time there was a tree
It was tall and strong for everyone to see
With the years it grew old, was no longer the best
And so the day came for its eternal rest
The bark began to peel, it left a naked trunk
No longer the tallest of all, the size had now quite shrunk
Humans decided it was time the tree should go
With saws and machines there was a trail of woe

Tree Cutting 16.05 (8)

Today there is a stump, the tree had met its foe
Before it went it dropped some seeds, and they began to grow
Nothing is endless, there will be  new begins
It all will happen gradually, but the tree always wins

RDP Friday: Graduate

4 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Graduate

    • I saw his tree often during the week and how it lost its bark. It had a fungus, and so the roots no longer spread for a new tree. Of course, I poem was fiction. I do not know if a seed really woudl germinate.


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