Good Morning

Morning Clouds

I made it eventually. My photo programme was again acting stupid, but it seems Flickr are now at last transporting to a new server on 22nd May meaning that during the night there will be no photo access, although I do not usually write my blogs during the night.  Anyhow here is this morning’s sky which seems a bit of a mixture, but the frost days are now gone according to our weather experts. At last the plants no longer have a danger of freezing.

I also no longer need to freeze and even went for a wheelie yesterday afternoon in my chair without a jacket.

Class choir with music 16.05 (1)

Things are at last waking up in town during the afternoon and I saw my first performing group. It was a plain and simple school class with a few school musicians being conducted by the teacher to sing, and they were quite good. After a closer look I saw this handwritten poster.

Class choir with music 16.05 (5)

It says “we are collecting four our Ski camp, Many Thanks” so how could you resist spending. There were a few people watching and some gave some Francs, every little helps. They sang quite well and I must admire the teacher how she was conducting. I would have given some coins, but when I am on my travels in my chair I never take my purse with me.

Reithalle Swinging fifties (2)

As said the place is livening up again for the summer season and I was confronted with these posters and an enormous truck that was blocking my way into town and I had to move to the road to get past. We are having rock days, featuring the years of the fifties at the week-end. It will be taking part in our local concert hall, but perhaps there might be a few samples outside during the day.

Toilet Swinging Fifties 15.05.2019

Even the toilet entrance had been decorated in fifty’s style.

Tree Cutting 16.05 (5)

As I wheeled along the river path on my way home I saw that our “lumberjacks” were busy sawing down a tree along the river bank. The guy had to move his transport to allow me to pass in my wheelchair and he told me that the main victim was this tree:

Tree Cutting 16.05 (8)

I had noticed that it had lost its protective bark many months ago and the culprit was some sort of fungus according to the expert. He also said there had been many dangerous half broken bows hanging at the top of some of the trees and the experts had been organised to remove them. That all happened earlier in the day when they were hoisted to the top of the trees on cables to remove the danger. Shame I was not there to capture the event.

And that was my day. When I arrived home I had to upload my photos and just before the evening meal Mr. Swiss managed to drop a glass salt pot in the kitchen, as well as a few other objects. Only the salt pot was shattered, but it took a time until we had collected the glass and wiped the mess left on the floor from a jar of Maggi liquid spice. Sometimes things just do not go to plan.

By the way one of our Swiss Ministers, Ueli Maurer, paid a visit to Donald Trump yesterday. I am not sure why, something to do with money I suppose and a few new promising agreements. I am sure it is mentioned somewhere in your local newspapers, or perhaps not. It was in our Swiss headlines. Switzerland is not exactly a big deal. Anyhow Mr. Trump actually donated 40 minutes of his precious time for a discussion, so I suppose they were not just talking about Swiss bank accounts. I can imagine Trump telling his wife when she asked what did you do today “I met some Swiss guy”.

Ok and now to move on, I am off shopping this afternoon and have the week-end menu planned. Have a good day and remember tomorrow the week-end begins.  I send a greeting from the River Aar as it flowed through our town of Solothurn yesterday.

River Aare 16.05.2019

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. So you bounce photos to Flickr, then to the post? Interesting. Too complicated for me.

    Our weather was nice yesterday so of course, it’s raining today. But tomorrow’s supposed to be nice, even if rain is likely on Sunday. And it is still COLD. The rain is aggravating, but the cold is mystifying.

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    • I have all my photos in Flickr as well as on the computer and a hard disc. I can also link them to Ribbit, but I play with the html Codes.

      This afternoon we had a small storm with some thunder and heavy rain, but temperatures are now warmer


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