Good Morning

Morning Clouds

How’s that for a morning sky. They are the formations I like to see in the morning when I take my first glance at the outside world. Actually the morning did not begin so super as today is again the day of new bed linen. Whilst Mr. Swiss was still in dreamland somewhere I was peeling my duvet and cushion and replacing the covers and re-covering them. The fitted sheet is removed and I have collected the old linen ready for the next wash this evening. Looks like it will be a busy hour with re-covering everything and cleaning in the hollow spaces beneath the bed but I can do it  – still. I find the more practice you have, the more routine and the quicker it goes. I am a great believer is doing household chores regularly. It saves time because everything just needs a quick polish up. I am not a lover of hours of cleaning which happens when it becomes a once a month job. And what else am I supposed to do all day. As a golden oldie you do what you want to and not what you have to. Sometimes Mr. Swiss gets a little perplexed with the household whirlwind he lives with.

I also gave the garden a thorough watering this morning. Although we had plenty of rain last week, we now have the dry days with a wind blowing which is not so good for the moisture in the air.

Rocket Ligularia

I did a quick garden inspection and noticed that my rocket liguaria is promising a good show of flowers. Actually I only wanted a small patch, but they seem to grow and expand every year. I read that they like damp and good earth, although these seem to be overdoing it.

Crops 14.05.2019

I noticed on my last wheelie in my chair this week that the crops are now growing. I never know what the farmer plans to sow in his fields, so every year a surprise. It seems that here a crop of wheat is on its way, They do a little crop rotation every year. I like it when they choose something interesting like sugar beets or colourful as sunflowers or rape for oil, but I suppose the farmer knows what he is doing.

Mais 07.07 (2)

Last year he planted a cornfield next to the road. I remember when I saw my first corn plants growing. Being a Londoner I was a little starved for crops and nature. I was on my first holiday in another country to Italy. We were in a coach speeding along the autostrada and I saw these fields with enormous tall plants growing. I had not idea, but these were the first corn plants I had seen, and I was then 18 years old.

I might go on an excursion this afternoon to collect a few photos and see if there is anything interesting happening in the local town. Since the weather as now changed to sun again, my No 1 son tells me that the boulevard cafés are filling up along our restaurant mile on the river.

Landhausquai 19.01 (1)

An now to continue my bed making session – fun. I will see you around later so have a good day or night and may the weather be with you. I think I said that one yesterday, but you can never be too sure.

Yesterday I bought a passion fruit with the plan to plant the seeds in my raised bed as I found no seeds being sold. In the meanwhile I leave you with a photo from a passion flower in the local store on one of their expensive plants.

Passion Flower

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It was the first time I had seen a white passion fruit flower. They were a special for mother’s day is large pots. I thought they would be the usual flower, but I saw that two pots had the white variety.

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      • There is also red, and rarely, yellow. They are all weirdly pretty. They are one of my neice’s favorite flowers, even though Brent, her father, had been trying to kill one at his parents’ home for many years.

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