One Word Sunday: Missing

Weissensteinstrasse Mühlegut

This was just the beginning in July 2017. It was a complete estate containing appartment blocks in existence since the fifties. I saw the slow demolition when we travelled to the local store during the week and took many photos. It had a special meaning for my Mr. Swiss as it was where he spent his teenage years with his mother. Today the blocks no longer exist, but have been replaced with something more modern, although the nostalgia remains. The roof is already missing.

Weissensteinstrasse Mühlegut

And so the demolition work continued. I am a little proud to have recorded the process in my weekly photos as we drove past.

Sorry to be so late, but the week was a little stressed.

One Word Sunday: Missing

5 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Missing

  1. You’re like NYC, knocking down everything to build a bigger better whatever. At least here they try to preserve things. In NY, they don’t bother. They just knock it down. I hope they at least preserve the REALLY old stuff. There’s not much from the 1950s worth saving.

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    • The new Apartments have been standing now for more than half a year, but no one seems to be living in them. The really old stuff is protected and renovated, nut stuff from the fifties is slowly going.


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