Good Morning

Morning Clouds

Let’s see, Will the sun win and remain to brighten up the day, or will the storm clouds take over. I bet on the sun, because we have a cold wind blowing that will probably sweep away the clouds during the morning, at least I hope so. That means that we will be having another glorious day: not exacly filled with Spring warmth, but we will survive. This morning I even gave my raised beds and garden some water to keep them fresh as the wind tends to dry everything in the garden. Mr. Swiss also supported my efforts of spraying everything, as he emptied a complete cup of ready made coffee on the kitchen floor. When I eventually arrived in the kitchen he had done his best to clean it all away with a silly little dish rag. I took over with my floor mop which is always ready for such emergencies in the household machine chamber and now I already have a spotlessly clean kitchen floor. In the meanwhile My cat Tabby decided again to christen her recycling tray, which I had already emptied from the nightly visits five minutes before. I am sure she watches and waits. She just likes to leave her marks everywhere.

Cows 14.05 (20)

Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon for a wheelie in the village. I was rewarded by seeing my cows again on the meadows. The were also on the pastures next to the church burial grounds.

Cows 14.05 (14)

It was good to see them again. Were they the survivors, or new in the herd? I tip on survivors. The calves are rarely to be seen. They all had their ear jewellery.

Horse 14.05 (6)

There were also a few horses around, so the annual routine at the stables has returned.  I notice that the horses really go for the ground cover for a good munch. Probably they are glad of a change from the boring Winter diet of hay.

Actually I was not planning to go too far as my wheelchair had not been charged up and I was not sure how far it would take me. The guy told me that as long as the green light was showing on the switch, I could travel for a couple of hours. Only one green light was showing – there are two, but I decided to take a chance and after two hours travelling around it was still full power. I usually upload it during the night and now it is again full power, although this afternoon I will be on my way in the car to the store for some bits and pieces.

For a golden oldie with a bit of movement problems, I do try to make the most of it. I just like going places and experiencing new events, even if it just a new product on the supermarket shelves, or a new plant in the gardening department. And afterwards I can check on my iPad how many more points I have gained on my purchases in the store. I know, little things please little minds, but bigger fools are always looking on in envy, although many would say in sympathy I suppose.

So have a good day everyone. I hope the weather is with you, and those at the other end of the scale, sleep well.

Of course I could not resist a photo of the local castle Waldegg on my journey yesterday, with the Jura mountains in the background: and this only a five minute wheelchair drive from home.

Waldegg 14.05 (2)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We had a half-sunny day or more accurately, sometimes we had a few minutes of sun. Not very warm. I’m wearing sweatpants and wool socks with my sweaters. I think we are completely skipping spring this year and will go directly into summer … or at least I HOPE so. I would not like to miss spring AND summer.

    Boy, the people who sell fuel must be rubbing their hands in glee!

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    • Indoors it is warm enough. I am still in shorts and t-shirts. We have sunny days with clouds but is very dry due to the constant wind and I have to spray my garden daily.. Bwe have gas floor heating which switches on automatically.


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