RDP Tuesday: Courage

Crow on a Wire 14.05 (2)

On my way home from a wheelie in my chair this afternoon a crow fluttered past and landed on the wires of the local railway. Was this courage? I thought so, but the crow took it all in its stride. Just a daily flight and even the wires were comfortable.

And that’s all for now. No. 2 son is visiting and I am catching up with the news.

RDP Tuesday: Courage

Good Morning

Front Garden through the blinds

And what a good morning it is. Even a glance through the curtains shows that the sun is shining. This morning I am later as my pearl of a cleaning lady is back from her escapades in Mexico City which she very much enjoyed. I think she has relatives all over the world, She has already brought my kitchen up to date and I think she is now attacking my shower, as it seems to have a blockage, probably from hair. After a short discussion she informed me that it was hair and she has already removed the cause of the blockage.

Back Garden with raised beds

I think I will be on an excursion this afternoon if the weather remains, but not into town. I need to see some fresh greenery and flowers, so it will probably be the cemetery and local castle. This evening No. 2 son said he will pay a short visit which is always welcome.

Sun Roses

Yesterday afternoon I was again on a shopping tour. It was also market day in the local town so the store seemed to be quite empty, meaning all the more space and less stress for me. I noticed that it seems to be slowly melon season again. There was a variety to choose from so I took the one on special offer, as they seem to be always the best choice. I love watching the professional melon choosers. There was a couple examining them all most carefully. They had a smell, and then they hit the melon hard to listen to the sound it made.  There was also an examination by hand to see if it was soft enough. The lady seemed to be the expert, and after testing about 5 different melons she made her decision. I just took one from the pile and bought it. Ok, I did have a sniff, but how am I supposed to know how it should smell. I am a Brit and melons do not grow in London. Mum classified them as “foreign stuff” so it was rarely that a melon arrived on our table in cockney London.

My chosen melon will be eaten this evening accompanied with ham, the cooked and smoked variety, which is the custom here to eat them.

I just had a quick look in my photo collection to see what I was doing a year ago.


It seems I was shopping in the store and busy taking a selfie on the TV screen they organised to see yourself. I look exactly the same as I do today, complete with walker and same Spring jacket.

So enough digging around in old memories, I am now on my way to finish cooking dinner. The cleaning lady is almost finished, and I hope you all have a good day and may the sun shine on you.