FOWC with Fandango: Meanwhile

Bipper Lisi 12.05 (1)

In the meanwhile another day has passed with nothing really exciting happening and the local train makes it way through the village to the local town of Solothurn, every half an hour to and fro.  If I did not have my car, or my wheelchair, I would be quite dependent on this method of transport.

This afternoon I left the village for another village where the supermarket is situated. In the meanwhile it was also market day in Solothurn which was probably one of the reasons why the supermarket was almost empty. I like to visit the local town on market day, but I need the afternoon for that, and now I do my shopping in the afternoon. My No. 1 son was in town, but he is only interested in the stalls where they sell CD’s of his favourite pop groups.

In the meanwhile I arrived home from my shopping expedition and we have had our evening meal and I am now at the computer for my final blog session of the day. The wind is still blowing and my neighbour decided to give her garden water, which developed into a shower due to the strong winds. She also had a battle with covering her plant patch with plastic to keep it warm due to the gale force winds.

And in the meanwhile all traces of our biker days have now been removed from the local town.

Oh what an exciting life we lead in the wilds of Switzerland.

FOWC with Fandango: Meanwhile

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