FOWC with Fandango: Meanwhile

Bipper Lisi 12.05 (1)

In the meanwhile another day has passed with nothing really exciting happening and the local train makes it way through the village to the local town of Solothurn, every half an hour to and fro.  If I did not have my car, or my wheelchair, I would be quite dependent on this method of transport.

This afternoon I left the village for another village where the supermarket is situated. In the meanwhile it was also market day in Solothurn which was probably one of the reasons why the supermarket was almost empty. I like to visit the local town on market day, but I need the afternoon for that, and now I do my shopping in the afternoon. My No. 1 son was in town, but he is only interested in the stalls where they sell CD’s of his favourite pop groups.

In the meanwhile I arrived home from my shopping expedition and we have had our evening meal and I am now at the computer for my final blog session of the day. The wind is still blowing and my neighbour decided to give her garden water, which developed into a shower due to the strong winds. She also had a battle with covering her plant patch with plastic to keep it warm due to the gale force winds.

And in the meanwhile all traces of our biker days have now been removed from the local town.

Oh what an exciting life we lead in the wilds of Switzerland.

FOWC with Fandango: Meanwhile

RDP Monday: Verdant

Monbretia 07.07.2018

Why does my garden not grow
so lush and green as the others
If a daisy shows its head
A weed arrives and smothers
Everyone has blades of grass
in the lawn exactly the same size
I even tried to measure mine
but that was not so wise
For every blade of grass that grows
An ant moves in at the roots
And when it rains the slugs are happy
they put on their wellington boots
I even planted a rose bush
but it was a caterpillar delight
And then the aphids also arrived
and they all began to fight
The neighbour is so proud of his shrubs
So dense and full of green
A magpie built its nest in mine
And my cat uses it as a latrine
I decided to do my best
Have a lawn, but that too is evil
suddenly the grass disappeared
Was attacked by many a weevil
But now I have the ideal solution
You might think it is quite drastic
I have the best and most beautiful flowers
And even the leaves are plastic

Two slugs mating

RDP Monday: Verdant

Good Morning

Morning Clouds and Jura

What a wonderful scene when I stopped hugging the bed and looked out of the window: sun, clouds and the Jura mountains, it could not be better. Will we really be having a sunny rain free day today? I wish you could hear the background noise of the wind rushing through the trees. Yes, it is a windy day, Reminds me of the park scenes of the 1966 Anntonioni film “Blowup”  with David Hemmings and Vanessa Redgrave. That was many years ago, but one of the films that remain with me, a grat film, especially as it was filmed in the London.

But now I am in the Kanton of Solothurn in Switzerland and we only get films with cows and Heidi and a few Swiss chalets and of course horses.

Horses 12.05 (2)

Yesterday I wheeled along in my chair to town in the afternoon and on the way saw the horses in the field behind the local railway. I always make a stop there to see if the farmer has let the horses out. This time I even caught a action photo. They were all on the meadow and this one seemed to have seen a better patch of grass to munch.

Horses 12.05 (1)

Buttercups seem to be the main dish on the menu.

Eventially I arrived at the entrance of town where our bike days were being held.

Biker Days 12.05 (1)

This was the only part I actually saw of the biker days as it was all happening behind closed screens and you only had a chance to see anything if you paid. I do not usually have money with me when on my way with my wheelchair and I was not expecting to have to pay for the privilege of watching bikers perform. They had organised a few races and there were events for the intrepid cyclists. It seems everyone had to pay for the organisation. And then it began to rain, not constantly but in between and not enough to get soaked.

I eventually decided to wheel on home as it was not so pleasant outside.

Aviary 12.05.2019

I made a short diversion to the local aviary where we have some interesting birds, but there was nothing new so off home I went. Mr. Swiss was glad to see me again, thinking I would disappear for a few hours.

Today is another venture into the world of grocery shopping this afternoon. My plan has been made for the next couple of days after a conference with Mr. Swiss and now I am left with a view of the local wild meadow. Every day I discovered new flowers that arrive.

Ragged Robin 12.05 (3)

Yesterday I discovered a patch of ragged robin, at least I believe that is the name. Something pink makes a change and brightens up the meadow.

And now time to go into action. I did tend to remain beneath the duvet longer this morning, but a privilege of a gold oldie. Have a good day everyone. See you around.