RDP Sunday: Finish

Biker Days 12.05 (2)

What could be better than to show the finishing line of our local bike day races, although I did not see anyone racing anywhere, but the complete town was in biker fever. I took a few photos when they were constructing a few object in the old moat of our fortress walls.

Biker Days 07.05 (6)

But that was all I managed to see. I was a little under the weather yesterday, but feeling a little better today I decided to wheel long in my chair to see if there was anything worth a photo or two, but I soon realised that this was not a charity event. There was an entrace and I was prepared to weel through when they asked to see my ticket. “Ticket?” I asked and was told I could buy one in the kiosk opposite. I did not ask what they cost and decided not being a biker myself my interest began to wain when I should give money. I rarely take money with me when I am on my way in my chair. I thought I could perhaps grab a couple of photos of men with muscles on their calves as they rode past on their racing bikes, but no way. Everything was bordered with fences and you could see nothing, unless of course, you had a ticket. I heard someone speaking over a microphone as if he were commentating a world class tour de something, but saw no one actually racing on a bike.

At least I saw the finishing post at the  beginning of our Kreuzacker Bridge, emblazoned with advertising for the local supermarket. And then it began to rain. Nothing big, just a few drops, so I decided to visit the local aviary which was quite near, but the bird fences are very camera unfriendly. There were a few more raindrops and so I was on my way home with two photos of the biker days  and some blurred bird photos. There were a few other bits and pieces, but nothing spectacular.

And there were no calf muscles anywhere. The general biker public seemed to be school kid age with their bikes and their mums and dads that were keeping an eye on them. What a disappointment that was.

RDP Sunday: Finish

3 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Finish

  1. Today I have spent yelling at the squirrels to GET OFF THE FEEDER and of course, it’s raining. It is going to keep raining for the next three days and my goal is to keep warm and let my right arm do nothing for a few days so maybe I can get through a night without whimpering. Getting old totally sucks.


    • At least when it rains you know it rains. this afternoon I risked going out and it rained. shall I go home? No it stopped raining. Just as I was feeling comfortable it started to rain again. On the way home it stopped but when I arrived home it was a downpour and afterwars the sun was shining. Mr.Swiss is looking on the bright side of life again and tells me he is convinced one of us will have an accident becaue it has been more than a year since I had the last one when I boke my leg. Oh happy days.


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