Good Morning

Morning Sky

An interesting cloud formation this morning with a band of dark grey in the middle. Yes I am back, not exactly fighting fit, but my head now seems to be attached to my body again. At least I was outside taking a few photos of the surrounding world.

I am now hoping that my cold is slowly disappearing. Yesterday I had no energy for anything and spent most of the day in a horizontal position. We had very strong winds yesterday, a so-called European windstorm (we call it an Orkan) and various objects were floating around, including the lid to the neighbour’s bin on her balcony which arrived in our garden. Luckily no accidents, it was a plastic lid, although I was glad that Tabby our feline was not outside. She is now an elderly lady and avoids such excitement.


Our lilac tree opposite survived the high winds and is still standing with its flowers.


I believe I have now discovered what this strange arrival in our wild meadow is. The petals are now gradually leaving a seed pod. When I asked my plantsnap app if it recognised it it tells me that it is a plaintain or fleawort of which they are many varieties. Generally known as “weed” I suppose, but some weeds also have their charm.

Bleeding Heart

My bleeding hearts are also bearing up outside and every year they return bigger and better than the last year.

So spare a thought for all the mothers out there today, it is mother’s day, although the Brits already had their mother’s day some time in March. They always like to do things differently. Of course I am a mother too, but I get my rewards throughout the year just seeing them growing up and getting on with their lives. By the way No. 2 grandchild is now on the way, so in my golden olden years it looks like my grandmother status is being maintained.

I have a bit of a complex with mother’s day actually. When I was still a kid my dad was quite nervous that I would forget it as he would have to bear the repercussions of a sulking mother afterwards. Of course I did not forget it, how could you when the shops and TV were full of advertisement, but mum could be very fussy about stuff like that. It is one of the reasons why I am not so fussy about those days. Actually I was in the store last week and they had some nice flowers for the day. However, I know that when I go to the store on Monday they will still have them, and all reduced to half price. They had some wonderful passion flower plants, really big in pots.

Passion Flower

I really like them and found that such a pot would be ideal in my garden, however not for the price of sixty Swiss Francs. I will wait and see if they are reduced on Monday. I also noticed you can buy seeds, 20 in a packet, and might try that. Mr. Swiss said spontaneously he would have organised such a plant if he had known, but I told him that for that money I would have a few other suggestions.

In the meanwhile, due to my sneezing and cold, I at last managed to catch up on some reading yesterday. An online colleague, Marilyn, recommended a book about Cicero, the roman lawyer by Robert Harris, so I decided to give it a go as I was bookless and I must say those Romans were certainly well organised, although a bit on the brutal side. I naturally got the trilogy so will be busy with my thousand pages for the next few weeks.

And now to catch up on life that I missed for a day yesterday. Thank goodness I am feeling better today. Have a good Sunday everyone.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. As someone often reading ‘backwards’, ie starting with your post of today, MOnday, I didn’t know you were suffering a bit from the weather (as we all do, it seems, HH and I are also going through life with a constant sniffing, some coughing and sneezing)…. Glad to read here that you are better already.
    I too did buy (yes, at inflated prices, but hey…. I do it when I can) two potted roses in lovely flower pots (which serve as cache-pots and can be reused; they were not from Migros) for both respective mothers. Both will transfer them in a while to their balcony planters; those little roses are quite sturdy and come again year after year.
    My own son tends to forget Mother’s Day and he only ‘realised’ it after I changed the icon on my WhatsApp profile to a ‘Zopf-Heart’ my little sister baked for her mother-sisters and offered to me at lunch time!!! So my sister’s loving gesture had the good purpose on top to remind my son of his ‘son duty’….. his partner sent me a loving message too – and so everybody was happy! 🙂

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  2. I am SOOOOOOO behind schedule. I may skip a few days.
    Your lilac looks rad by the way, even if it is such rich purple.
    Plantain, or a lower growing species of it, is a common weed here that we actually know as English plantain. I do not know if it is actually from England. It has herbal applications, but I don’t use it for anything.
    Fruiting passion fruit vines used to grow in orchards in Beverly Hills (in the Los Angeles region). Brent, my colleague in that region, had tried to kill one at his parent’s house for many years. The house was build on the site in the 1920s, and the passion fruit vine survived will into the 1980s. No one has seen it for decades, but it would not surprise me if it is somehow surviving unseen in the jungly part of the garden.


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