FOWC with Fadango: Crosshair

Arms Shop Goldgasse 22.11.2018

No idea I must admit, but we do have an arms shop in our town, although I am not sure if you can just walk in and buy a gun. Every Swiss able bodied man has a rifle at home somewhere, perhaps under the bed or in the cellar, because every Swiss able bodied man is a soldier. Mr. Swiss was not so able bodied but my youngest son was. He did his time in the Swiss army for three weeks a year for many years. After completing his duty he could have bought his rifle and kept it, but he decided he did not need it and returned it.

Seen in Solothurn

Of course, our town being founded by the Romans we discarded the crosshair as not something you would need with our weapons.  Note they start quite young in our army.

FOWC with Fadango: Crosshair

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