FOWC with Fandango: Skimp

Door Ornament 22.04.2019

No, I do not call it skimping
I prefer to name it save
It is a new hobby
And so I must be brave
If the store offers two for one
I like to buy a dozen
It is all in the name of money saving
And not for grounds of cozen
I search for the special offers
In for a penny in for a pound
I like to do it properly
Do my research down to the ground
I spend hours studying price lists
to see what is the cheapest
No I am not skimping
Prices must be at the deepest
On Sunday it is mother’s day
the store is full of flowers
I will buy them on Monday
Then half price and ours
Perhaps I could buy christmas pudding
they have a special price
Only eight months to wait
Just keep them from the mice

FOWC with Fandango: Skimp

RDP Thursday: Distinguished

Great Gran and grandad Baldock
They certainly looked distinguised dressed in their Sunday best, my great grandfather Jason and great grandmother Emily. And she had a figure with a wasp sized waistline. He was a farm labourer and she was his wife and mother of 16 children, although my grandmother always told me she was the only girl and had eleven brothers, so a few got lost on the way.

The last photo I found was many years later. My grandmother, being the last born, meant that her mother must have been in her later years when she arrived and definitely older than 40 years..

Jason & Emily Baldock with my grandmother
Great grandmother Emily’s wasp waist was still there, perhaps a little thicker and great grandfather’s moustache had now become so-called mutton chops. And he was still wearing his watch chain on his waistcoat. The athletic style figure was now the Victorian gentleman, but it did not seem to bother my grandmother. She was now quite the distinguished little girl with her leather boots.

They lived in the priests house at Sissinghurst castle in England.

Cranbrook, sissinghurst, Kent

The photos and postcard are very old, sort of family heirloom.

RDP Thursday: Distinguished

Good Morning

Morning Clouds

It is a cold and windy one out there this morning, so I am hoping that it can only get better. I wanted to go places this afternoon and see how the construction for our bike days on the edge of the local town is progressing, but it will probably have to wait until the week-end, The weather might improve by then.

Biker Days 07.05 (9)

I am not quite sure what the tents are for. Perhaps bicycle sheds or they might be accommodation for the bikers whilst they are here.

It is now already Thursday, time goes so quickly. Yesterday afternoon was another shopping safari to see what I could hunt down. It was one of those days where we seemed to need everything. Toilet paper was down to a minimum, kitchenpaper rolls were on the last and cleaning liquid for the bathroom and shower was necessary. When I got home I had four bags full and a few large bulky items that would no way fit in a bag. However due to my masterful logistic organisation I manage to transport it all together from the garage in the cellar to the ground floor balanced precariously on my walker. I have discovered that walkers can be quite useful objects. We also have a small trolley in the cellar, but the walker is easier to manage.

On the way home from the shopping trip my telephone began to ring and I had a picture on my car screen to show it was ringing. I am still not in the routine of these gadgets in the car so I decided to ignore it. It would probably go away and it did. My Skoda car is a so-called Skoda Clever, but sometimes it is too clever for my taste. When I reached home I saw that my opticians wanted to call me and also sent an SMS on my phone. Tbey wanted to know how satistfied I was with my new eye glasses, I called them back and told them they were perfect, although I still have a pending appointment with the eye doctor, but I do not have a feeling that anything is dramatically wrong with my eyes. I told Mr. Swiss and he said I should organise the car telephone that if someone calls they get a direct connection and I can talk with them whilst driving. I am still tbinking about that. Admittedly I have been driving for 35 years, but for the last ten years I did not bother so much. Now I am driving 3-4 times a week and am still getting into the routine. As you can see I do not have gas in my blood and I like a quiet life at the steering wheel with no unprecedented excitement.


Despite the lower temperatures and rain, my raised beds in the garden are going quite well and I must say I have never had such success with my herbs as this year. On the right at the front my parsley, which never survived so well before. It might be the raising of the bed that has saved it from the 200-300 teeth of the slugs. At the back on the right my chives which want to make flowers. Their flowers are very pretty, but I am more interested in the stalks for the flavour in my salad sauce.

On the left at the front is my thyme. the more I cut the more it seems to grow and at the back on the extreme left I have savoury which is something we tend to cook together with green beans. My store also has origano and I am tempted, although according to my experience it is something that grows well, but not so strong in flavour.

Thursday is spaghetti day. After the weeks of Easter holidays and repairs on the local railway we are now more or less back to normal with no more marathon shopping expeditions.


It is now time to leave the comfort of the kitchen breakfast table and the computer and get down to the serious business like having a shower and cleaning up. I will also have to tend to my plants as they are telling me they are thirsty.

Have a good one and make the most of it, otherwise just stay in bed. It is far more comfortable although if you work for your living, the boss might not be so agreeable to that solution. All our lives we look forward to retirement, and when it arrives we realise we either do not have the health or the time to enjoy it.