Good Morning

Morning Clouds

Will it be a good morning, I think so. I have no big plans today, just take it one thing at a time. It is still very cold outside in the early morning 0°C, but my garden has survived up to now. I cover up the sensitive plants during the night and the few pots I have are inside. The sun is shining, we have clouds and blue sky. My cleaning lady is still in Mexico and returns next week, but everything is in order at home. Yesterday was the day I clean all the doors and today I might attack a few windows. It takes only an hour of my time and then I can forget them for a week.

Apple Blossom

I have one surviving apple blossom left on my tree which is refusing to let go. All its sisters have already gone leaving he beginnings of baby apply growth behind.


And my honesty plant is still showing its flowers behind what I suspect is a hollyhock. When they eventually disappear they will leave some very interesting seed pods.

Yesterday afternoon was another trip to the store. I did not have a lot to buy. I had made my usual cloud list with Mr. Swiss on my iPhone to make sure that I forgot nothing.The store was quite empty which meant a comfortable browse around. As I was leaving I passed the electronic department and they always have a few luxury TV sets in the window, the monster sizes that you could hang on a wall. Our TV is what I call normal size and fits its purpose. We have a cabinet for it where we can close the doors and so it does not form part of the room decoration.

Anyhow I am drifting, but yesterday I used this TV set in the store to illustrate ….. anyway, although it has now become an anyhow. It was showing a demo film of various surrealistic subjects in wonderful colours: naturally to sell their TV which was one of the more expensive sorts. I stood there with my little iPhone camera taking photos. Some I used yesterday on this blog but I still have a couple of photos I did not use.

flying elefant

Afterwards the elefant was shown floating away suspended by the balloons

Red Cakes

and there was also a cake landscape. I just love those surrealistic photos. I noticed a gentleman watching me take the photos behind me, but not everyone is as extroverted as I am.

And now to return to real life with my daily housewife chores. I just might go places this afternoon, am still thinking about it, to take some photos of the real world.

In any case enjoy the world where you now are and make the most of the day. Ignore those that want to make it a miserable day. There is always somewhere a bright point, although we often have to seek it.

red ornaments

My elefant is now being caried away by its balloons.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The plant you call honesty plant … we call Dollar Plant … because the seed pods look like American Silver Dollars …. I enjoy them … but my wife does not … the seeds blow everywhere and sprout and she does not like seeds that grow outside of their designated place in our garden. On this subject we have a fundamental difference of opinion. Oh well. Have a great day!!! The blower fan on our furnace stopped running , so neither hot or cold air, we are at that time when in the mornings just a little bit of heat is nice to start the day, and in the afternoon just a little bit of cool air is nice to refresh the house for evening after the hot afternoons. But now we have neither. The furnace people wll come and fix it, we have one of those annual contracts for service twice a year and for emergency response if anything goes wrong. So calling them and then waiting for them to show up will be my activity for today. Have a great day !!! SLP

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    • I quite like the honesty plants and they need 2 Years until they flower and produce seeds. We have floor hearing by gas so no big problem. Our weather is now more normal. The. Cold snap is gradually normalizing thank goodness.


    • We know them as money plant for the same reason, but I am getting into the habit of referring to them as ‘honesty’ or lunaria because that is how others know them. Someone where I work used to collect the seeds, and toss them about randomly where he thought more would be nice. I should continue that tradition because without it, there are a few less annually.

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        • Although abundant, they would they would not become an invasive weed for us if they are not intentionally spread about. They are only common here because someone did that.


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