Good Morning


The sky is a mixture on the East side of the apartment.


In the West it looks more friendly with some blue sky poking through.

I really did not want to stop hugging the bed this morning. It was so warm and comfortable. I had to remind myself it was Monday, although what difference does a day make. Mondays used to be the worst day of the week when I was a working woman. Rising a six in the morning, eating a quick bite, showering and dressing and off in the car to work with my No. 1 son as passenger who I dropped off on the way at his work place.

How things change and I am at last free, but no longer with the energy I had in those days. I am now sitting at the breakfast table  enjoying the delights of my food

Breakfast 06.05.2019

with a cup of tea.


Even Tabby, my feline, is thinking about it and wondering what that strange covered object is outside. We still have frosty days with a temperature of only 1°C and the covers of my growing plants remain until the weather improves.  I could not cover everything in the garden, but am glad to see there has not been any frost damage. Now the sun is shining, so who knows, perhaps the cold snap will go today.

I can now keep myself warm with a little housework and this afternoon off again into the unknown in the store to feed the family.

Otherwise life is not so exciting for a golden oldie. One of the few excitements is sitting at the computer and writing and reading. I have now reprogrammed my daily life and no longer partake in so many challenges on the computer. I now need more time to care for Mr. Swiss and my shopping trips and I was really getting into a stress situation. My reading was suffering.  I even managed to finish my book at the week-end that I had been reading for at least 2 months and I can now relax more in the evening. I can now concentrate better on my photography escapades as photos need time to upload onto the computer and organise.

And now to depart for the daily adventures with the mop and vacuum cleaner. I wish you all a very good day and start to the week ahead with a view of my indoor plants. At the moment my potted rose has joined them as it usually sits outside, but due to the cold we are experiencing at the moment I decided it would be better to bring it inside.

Indoor plants

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

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  2. Good morning. Your poinsettia looks about the same as ours, although I put it out on the front steps last week and it is starting to show new growth. Have a good day. SLP


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