RDP Sunday: Road

Road to Langendorf 13.04 (3)

Why this road?
I travel 3-4 times a week
I see the same old sites
An outlook very bleak
At the end of the route
I arrive to where I am going
Always the same place
My boredom is now showing
My steering wheel at fingertips
I am now on the road
Europe lays before me
But my ambitions have now slowed
In my car I have a GPS
Which still remains unused
Why should I switch it on
Driving would get confused
I have never been to Amsterdam
Take the road, it is not far
Cut through France and Belgium
In my speedy little car
I might lose the way
If I turn right in France
Because then I would be in Germany
Now that would be a dance
It is cold and very windy
and even looks like snow
I have decided to stay at home
There is no reason to go

RDP Sunday: Road

8 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Road

    • When the kids were still kids we would spend our holidays in a rented house or apartment in the Bernese Overland and gomwith both cars, they were the days. Now I don’t drive further than the supermarket or local town


          • It’s a difficult thing to travel with a chair. My father spent his last few years in one, and it was hard for him to reconcile the newfound loss in mobility. He was forever falling down stairwells, getting stuck on forest paths and so on. It was simultaneously sad to witness his struggle to accept his new reality, but inspiring to see him not want to change who he was.

            That’s not to say that I mean to imply that you have given up or anything, but something in the tone of your writing reminded me of my father’s yearning, and moved me.

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          • Although the chair has its advantages for me. At home I manage without, I have my walker and hold onto furniture. My chair enables me to go a little further into town. I have the car for shopping and manage with the shopping trolley. For me iit is a matter of convenience and making the most of.it


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