One Word Sunday: Pollution

Gösgen 06.08 (2)

Switzerland, pollution? No never, we are famous for our super clean air, mountains with their overdose of oxygen and everything environment friendly. However let us just lift the lid a little and look below. We have nuclear power plants to produce our electricity. Of course they are safe and clean and necessary to supply the energy we need for machines driven by electricity.

If I take a journey by train to Zürich it goes through the little village of Gösgen, about 10 minutes away and there you meet the first big chimney. I used to fly to London once a year when my dad was still alive and one of the first sights I saw from the plane after leaving Zürich Airport was a white cloud poking through the sky as the plane flew over Gösgen, as it was on the flight route.

Of course it is safe according to the authorities. A few years ago they had an open day and anyone could visit the plant and see how it works. One gentlemen asked if he could bring his geiger counter with him. This request was refused. I wonder why?

After the earthquake in Japan that damaged one of their nuclear power factories Switzerland got around to thinking. I believe it was the result of one of our referendums that it was decided to stop using nuclear power, and slowly the plants should be closed, although this will take at least 30 years when not more. And where do we get the energy from when they close down? A problem as nuclear power is do easy isn’t it (forget Chernobyl, most already have). There is also the fact that the French have a complete row of these energy producers on the Swiss borders, but at least we will not poison ourselves if anything goes wrong, we can blame it on France. In the meanwhile I enjoy taking a few photos of the chimney belching out its friendly steam as I pass by train.


One Word Sunday: Pollution

11 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Pollution

  1. My government has a fascination with nuclear power. It’s approach seems to be try to get a French company to build one for us here and then the pollution and risk is not our problem. It always felt a bit bizarre travelling in Switzerland and every so often bumping into a reactor.

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    • I believe your gov used to be mine. They were experts at pollution, Sellafield comes to my mind. The problem is to find an alternative and reasonable source of Energy. The French seem to be experts in building in everyone’s back yard

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  2. I live within about 15 miles of a nuclear reactor that has been shut down due to defective replacement parts that caused minor leaks. There is a huge cost when they shut down the reactors — who will pay for that cost? There is ongoing concern about leakage from the spent fuel, which is currently stored in concrete-contained pools of water. The power company would like to move the spent fuel to a more isolated spot, but they would have to take it through populated areas that raise fierce objection when that is suggested. It’s a real dilemma! And there is another plant about 250 miles farther north that is now outdated and needs to be shut down because it’s in an earthquake fault area — there is a lot of discussion about what to do there too.

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  3. We are also slowly closing our nuclear plants. The problem is, will be, maybe forever — what to do with the nuclear waste? NO ONE wants it and it has 100,000 (more?) years of half-life. The problem with nuclear energy isn’t that is doesn’t work. It does work. But the buildings that hold them are fragile and they didn’t build them well — and no one figured out what to do with the waste. No has YET to figure out what to do with it.

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