FOWC with Fandango: Speed

New Road Sign 18.p08.2017

How are you supposed to speed along when you get these road signs as you turn the corner telling you how fast you were, which is usually faster than you should be. I am supposed to keep my eyes on the road not read illuminated signs.

I have been driving a car for the last 40-50 years on and off. In the last 10 years more off as Mr. Swiss took over and I was quite happy to take some photos on the way. This has now changed as he no longer drives: age catches up on all of us, but I have a problem. I drive an automatic as I cannot use my left leg. I even have to lift it with my hands to put it in the car. OK, no big problem. I only need my right foot for driving. However, my right foot cannot read the speedometer. There I am driving along on a nearly empty road with a limit of 50 kph and I read 60 on the screen, meaning the right foot is not behaving. For a while I had a nice little route to the supermarket, all 30 kph and it suited me. No big rush, the right foot was resting nicely and I was crawling and admiring the scenery and then they decided to resurface the road: not all at once but bit by bit. And so I chose a different route to the store as it became a stop and go. Now it was no holds barred with 50 kph and that is when I have my problems. My right foot does not know the difference between 50 and 60.

I will have to go back to my old route, perhaps they are now finished with the roadworks.

FOWC with Fandango: Speed

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Speed

  1. NOBODY really goes the speed limit. Our car doesn’t warn you you are exceeding the limit until you are 18 miies OVER the limit — 80 MPH, whichever comes first. I figure if I am not the fastest car on the road, they will get the other people first. So far, so good.

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