RDP Friday: Bench

Cemetery 30.03 (18)

An empty bench
Green and fluffy with moss
A useful place for a bird to paint the bench
Here and there a white splash of digested food
On the bench the moss overflows
spilling to the ground
A leaf decoration
from an Autumn long gone
We are in the cemetery
The residents no longer need a place to rest
They have found their eternal rest
Only their visitors, but they want something better
Somewhere that nature has left no traces
But it will not have the character of this bench
How oft have I walked past this seat
I have never sat there to rest
No-one ever does
They eye the surface that nature has painted
And move on

RDP Friday: Bench

6 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Bench

  1. beautifully observed. I sometimes have a paper napkin or some hankies from paper with me and clean it off a bit – and I never go to a cemetery in good clothes! 🙂

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    • When I first had my MS symptoms, I knew where every bench was in our area as I needed them to rest on if I went for a walk. I was then walking with a stick. then I progressed to a rollator which is tiring for a walk, and now I have my own bench known as wheelchair. I often cut through the cemetery if I am going into town.

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