RDP Friday: Bench

Cemetery 30.03 (18)

An empty bench
Green and fluffy with moss
A useful place for a bird to paint the bench
Here and there a white splash of digested food
On the bench the moss overflows
spilling to the ground
A leaf decoration
from an Autumn long gone
We are in the cemetery
The residents no longer need a place to rest
They have found their eternal rest
Only their visitors, but they want something better
Somewhere that nature has left no traces
But it will not have the character of this bench
How oft have I walked past this seat
I have never sat there to rest
No-one ever does
They eye the surface that nature has painted
And move on

RDP Friday: Bench

Good Morning

Rain Clouds Morning

Not such a good morning, with rain clouds hanging over our heads. Yesterday afternoon our sunny day became no longer sunny and the only light we had outside was a strong flash of lightening to show the shape of things to come. Afterwards a few claps of thunder saying that it was serious business and a thorough downpour.

Potted Rose

It was then that I did my rescue operation outside to save my potted rose which was perched on the top of one of my raised beds. I got drenched by the rain whilst doing it. The rose is now sitting on the table on the porch and there it will stay for the time being. Our weather forecast is not so good. The rain will stay but we are getting polar air from the North Pole at the week-end. It will get cold and I am thinking about covering my plants with a layer of insulating material to stop them freezing.

We had a small drama with the printer yesterday, and again it was not printing. Mr. Swiss into action, which did not really suit my routine as I was writing. However, I shiftd my computer to the kitchen. That is the adantage with my Apple, it is a very versatile machine, needs no attached current. Later I move back to the printer room and did a little bit of online banking with my other computer. I tested the printer again which was still not working, and had a closer look. Of course it does need paper to print and when the drawer is empty it cannot print on thin air. There was a heated discussion, but alls well that ends well.


And look who has returned. This is my first fly of the season, at least the fly that let me get a close-up as it was perched on the edge of my computer lid. It looked quite threatening actually. I will now have to stock up on a couple of mint plants as I noticed last year that really keeps them away

Today is week-end shopping and my list is already made. There will be no wheelies into town or otherwise today but a car journey to the local store in the afternoon. At the moment a new shop has opened in the mall, watches and jewellery. It replaces a clothing shop. I really do not know why. It seems to me that the sales of such items has really receded. I no longer even wear a watch. If I want to know the time a quick glance at my smart phone does the job for me. I am constantly glancing at it when I go shopping, as it has my shopping list. I walk around the store with it in my pocket and refer to it as I buy my items, so that I can remove them from the list.

Otherwise no dramatic events in my part of the world. The railway men have now finished their job of laying new tracks and cutting our village off from the outside world. All roads are open again. I will also now disappear as there are things to be done. Have a good day or night wherever you are and don’t let the politicians, or even the weather, ruin it. Just try to ignore them. One bright point – our local lilac tree is now opening its buds.

Lilac 01.05 (1)