RDP Thursday: Suitable

Pigeons 30.04 (14)

It’s Spring the month of May, so what could be more suitable than the pigeons getting to know each other. I was having a wheelie through town in my chair and the wall on the river bank seemed to have become a meeting place to meet your favourite pigeon. They are getting to know each other, the male with his puffed up throat and both dressed in their best feathers.

I decided to stay a while to see how the situation would develop. And then……

Pigeons 30.04 (6)

She found it would be suitable to sit on the wall, and he was looking on, probably playing hard to get.

Pigeons 30.04 (9)

He lost his patience and decided now or never. He did what every respectful male pigeon would do, he packed whilst the iron was hot (english saying). and he stayed a while and I took one photo after the other.

Suddenly they saw me taking photos of this private moment between pigeons, or he decided that he had completed his work
 Pigeons 30.04 (10)

And so he spread his wings and departed, but she followed determined that she would not be raising a family of pigeons on her own.

This was a moment in time, and I must admit it was something I had never witnessed before. Even pigeons have their suitable moments.

RDP Thursday: Suitable

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