FOWC with Fandango: Arrears


Money is money, no matter how it arrives. Even my coupons from the local supermarket have become a source of income. Since I am in charge of contact with the outside world, being the only car driver in the family, I am really getting the hang of how to save money. I collect points in the supermarket and they pay out once a month with their coupons. I have a new hobby.

There is nothing worse if you get a payment reminder, meaning that the bill wasn’t paid. Of course I pay all my bills. It is all done online, but nobody is perfect. When I was a working woman we had a pay day usually around 25th of the month and so I settled the  bills when I got the wages.

Now I am a golden oldie and rely on the state to send my pension money, which is generally at the beginning of the month. When I was retired the Swiss State reminded me that I was also entitled to my British pension. They were super helpful and sent the necessary details to the British State Pension Scheme. I did not expect very much because I only actually worked  for two years in England, as I moved on to Switzerland when I was 20 years old. However, the Brits went into their records and must have found my trail somewhere and now they pay me a monthly pension. It is a minimum, but money is money and they are never in arrears with paying it.

And so the Swiss and the Brits are maintaining my life style.

FOWC with Fandango: Arrears

2 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Arrears

  1. You are right … money is money … on Thursdays one of the local supermarkets gives persons over 62 a 5% discount. I have also investigated their prices and they sell a few things we use for less than at the local monster food liner called “Giant”. So on Thursday’s I go to Harris-Teeter and get milk, a few snacks, etc. The savings is usually about a dollar …. but over a year it will be $52.00 ….. more than enough for a good meal for the two of us at our local Chinese retaurant, or more than enough for a fill up at the gas station. We have a saying ..if you watch the pennies .. the dollars take care of themselves. SLP

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    • I used to laugh at my dad when he would sort all his saver coupons, but I am now doing it myself, although more with digital help. It is fun and has a sense. Our supermarket has its special reductions on Tuesday for golden oldies but I do not go there on Tuesday unfortunately


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