FOWC with Fandango: Arrears


Money is money, no matter how it arrives. Even my coupons from the local supermarket have become a source of income. Since I am in charge of contact with the outside world, being the only car driver in the family, I am really getting the hang of how to save money. I collect points in the supermarket and they pay out once a month with their coupons. I have a new hobby.

There is nothing worse if you get a payment reminder, meaning that the bill wasn’t paid. Of course I pay all my bills. It is all done online, but nobody is perfect. When I was a working woman we had a pay day usually around 25th of the month and so I settled the  bills when I got the wages.

Now I am a golden oldie and rely on the state to send my pension money, which is generally at the beginning of the month. When I was retired the Swiss State reminded me that I was also entitled to my British pension. They were super helpful and sent the necessary details to the British State Pension Scheme. I did not expect very much because I only actually worked  for two years in England, as I moved on to Switzerland when I was 20 years old. However, the Brits went into their records and must have found my trail somewhere and now they pay me a monthly pension. It is a minimum, but money is money and they are never in arrears with paying it.

And so the Swiss and the Brits are maintaining my life style.

FOWC with Fandango: Arrears

RDP Thursday: Suitable

Pigeons 30.04 (14)

It’s Spring the month of May, so what could be more suitable than the pigeons getting to know each other. I was having a wheelie through town in my chair and the wall on the river bank seemed to have become a meeting place to meet your favourite pigeon. They are getting to know each other, the male with his puffed up throat and both dressed in their best feathers.

I decided to stay a while to see how the situation would develop. And then……

Pigeons 30.04 (6)

She found it would be suitable to sit on the wall, and he was looking on, probably playing hard to get.

Pigeons 30.04 (9)

He lost his patience and decided now or never. He did what every respectful male pigeon would do, he packed whilst the iron was hot (english saying). and he stayed a while and I took one photo after the other.

Suddenly they saw me taking photos of this private moment between pigeons, or he decided that he had completed his work
 Pigeons 30.04 (10)

And so he spread his wings and departed, but she followed determined that she would not be raising a family of pigeons on her own.

This was a moment in time, and I must admit it was something I had never witnessed before. Even pigeons have their suitable moments.

RDP Thursday: Suitable

Good Morning


Made it, although a strenuous start to the morning, being again the day of fresh bed linen. My duvet and cushion are completed and my bits and pieces in the apartment in the morning. Breakfast is made and I am eating it whilst tuning in on my computer. What could possibly go wrong? With such a wonderful sky and the drifting clouds I am all set for the day.

May Pole Solothurn 01.05.2019

I decided on a trip to town yesterday to see what was happening on May Day and discovered not very much. A May Pole had been erected in our town market place which is a custom here. Underneath there is a board with the names and photos of the young citizens of our town that have become 20 years old this year. It is a custom here and many villages also have their own May Pole. Otherwise it was a normal sleepy afternoon with a national holiday.

Hauptgasse 01.05.2019

I took a wheelie in my chair along the main street with its view of the cathedral. There were some people making the most of the good weather and yesterday was really a sunny day as it seems today will be as well.  The cathederal stairs are now filling up again with visitors. It seems to be an attractive place to relax. I notice here and there the tourists are again arriving to have a look around. Not that our town of Solothurn is big on the map for Switzerland, but it does have its attractions and there are always visitors with there mobile phone cameras taking photos of the cathedral. I have so many photos of the cathedral that I ask myself why I bother. My problem is now that I can no longer travel to the places I would like to with my camera. Travelling on a train is OK, but when I arrive I have to do it all with my walker/rollator and that can get a little exhausting.

I was thinking of just taking my walker with me this afternoon when shopping in the local store as there is not so much to get, but son No. 1 told me that we only have one bottle of Pepsi Cola spare, so I will have to get a crate of six bottles this afternoon, which means using the supermarket trolley. Otherwise I am proud of my logistics over the days since Monday. I had to buy until today lunch time, and it worked out well. We even had fresh bread yesterday evening as I quickly froze a loaf which kept it in a good condition.

Today I have spaghetti with a prawn sauce. The prawns are frozen and I cook them with pelati, the tomatoes from the tin. Afterwards the cupboard is bare, so I will have to get something for tomorrow and then the week-end shopping ritual begins again.

Franziskanertor 01.05.2019

This is a view of one of our gates to the entrance of the town, the Franziskanertor with a flowering Japanese Cherry tree in front.

And now time to move on. I have a second bed to deal with, that of Mr. Swiss. He always did his own but is no longer able to so well. We all get older as time goes by. I am a few years younger, and can still manage, although in slow motion. Getting old is not as I thought it would be I must admit. OK, I did not bargain with my MS, but we all develop our weaknesses. I remember from my earlier life when my parents and other friends and relations got to the golden oldie age. The slowed down, could no longer manage so well. I did not really give it big thoughts thinking we all get old, but there is more to it. There is a feeling that you can no longer manage, the energy fails you, and every movement gives a twinge here and there. It is not just a bit of rhematism or an ache somewhere, it is a general recession of the body parts and it is not pleasant.

Football Game 01.05.2019

I saw these youngsters having a kick around as I wheeled past one of our sports grounds on the way home and remembered the days when I was even a member of the school hockey team. Now the only hockey passes I make are with my grabber if something falls to the floor. Enough of complaints. I still have to finish the beds and tidy up a bit.

May you have a good day, spare a thought to your computers, they also deserve a rest now and again, and keep the keyboard clean. Mine often gets a few bread crumbs between the keys: even a little sticky from my bread and honey breakfast.

Dandelions 01.05.2019

They might only be dandelions but even they have their charm. Our wild meadows are full of them at the moment.