RDP Wednesday: Mentor


Do I have a mentor? I think I captured them all on this photo: my camera, my computer and my Mr. Swiss in the background. We are all together outside on the porch. A mentor is apparently an experienced and trusted advisor.

My camera delivers the pictures to inspire me to write My computer feeds me with the information I need and Mr. Swiss? He is always there, my support and advisor, although that works both ways. We are opposites in taste and culture but we harmonise and inspire each other

I am surrounded by nature outside, the sun is shining. Even if it were Winter and snowing I would get my inspiration from my surroundings. Another positive influence  are the changing seasons.

I just returned from a wheelie in my chair. The cobwebs imbedded in my thoughts have now been blown away by fresh air and fresh sights. My mentor surrounds me: I observe and digest.

Horse Chestnut 30.04 (2)

RDP Wednesday: Mentor

9 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Mentor

  1. The wheather here in upstate newyork is depressing and grey… Although i stopped on the bridge almost home and watched the water flow it seemed to sooth my soul. Please send me some of your wheather we need it!

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  2. I did have a professional mentor or two and I had at least one college mentor … but in the end, most of my mentoring was me to me, working hard at being better. Because a mentor in college doesn’t have a lot of relevance 30 years later. Life rolls on and things change.

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  3. I’ve never had a mentor myself but I guess that in the case of blogging I consider some of my blogging friends as mentors as well. You are one of them as from you I’ve learned that you can still find things to photograph and write about even if you can’t go far from home, Marilyn, for advice about writing a blog and Cee for her practical tips on photography via her challenges.

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