RDP Tuesday: Bread


“Eat your crusts.”

“I don’t like them.”

“They are the best part of the bread.”

Poor mum did have a problem with me and the crusts. When I think back to my younger days, I suppose I was a fussy eater, but I just did not like those crusts on the bread. Now I have to be careful not to annoy the Brits reading this, but since living and eating bread in Switzerland for the past 50 years I just have to say that I do not like english bread.

When I visited my dad over the years I had to live as the Brits do, because I was again in England. The crust problem did not exist. Why? I discovered that when I was buying bread for dad and I, the bread in England did not have crusts: at least not what I called a crust. I must admit that dad never bought the bread in a bakers, but in a store. I decided to go to a britsh bakers for the bread, but probably Dagenham did not have the best bakers shops, as everything was covered with a soft brown outside. The bread had no crusts. My dad even put his bread in a plastic bag to keep it nice and soft, and so did most of the Brits from his generation. They had discovered the advantage of the plastic bag.

I now wonder if it was the crust I did not like eating when I was a kid, or just the bread. I grew up with white bread, cut bread in a packet. The Swiss description for British bread is generally “blotting paper bread”. Perhaps if the British bread was baked with a nice brown hard crust when I was a kid, I might have eaten it. If I remember back to my younger days the whole family clan ate white bread with nice soft crusts.

RDP Tuesday: Bread

10 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Bread

  1. There is something to say for full grain, multi grain brown bread. It can sometimes be a meal in itself when you are hungry but don’t really know what you want to eat. That and some jam works just fine. My wife also does eat the crusts. We have worked out a deal where she trims the crusts, puts them on a special plate where they dry, and I break them up and eat them with poached eggs in a bowl, which I enjoy. They soak up the juice. It also stretches the loaf of bread. I am finding we are eating a LOT less as we age, particularly me. But my weight is not decreasing despite my best efforts to achieve that outcome as part of my food intake. OH well. Have a nice day. SLP

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  2. Yum, those crusty Swiss loaves you’re writing about sound delish. It’s breakfast time here in Melbourne as I read your post, and I’d love to slice into a chunk of sourdough, pop it in the toaster and lather it with butter and a small scraping of Vegemite. That last part maybe makes everyone who’s NOT Australian want to screw their noses in distaste! 🙂

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