Good Morning

Morning Sky

It is supposed to be a nice sunny day today, although the morning sky did not look like it. OK, in the meanwhile the sun has appeared, so I just might be on my way again this afternoon in my wheelchair.

The morning did not really start so well. I did intend to sleep a little longer, which I did, but our feline decided to constuct a hairball during the night, luckily on our stone floor, so that was the first task of the day, to remove it. The second task was to deal with her recycling tray. I noticed she was watching me and yes, as soon I was was finished she decided to christen it again. After this beginning I can only hope that everything will get better.

Baby Appes

After this welcome to the day, I decided to search for something more positive in the garden and I discovered that my first apples are appearing at the base of the now wilted flowers. They are now only babies, but when Autumn arrives I hope to begin my harvest with the fully developed fruits.

Yesterday I did my marathon shopping expedition to cover our needs until Thursday. Railway repairs to the exit/entrance of the village are now in progress and Wednesday is May Day: closed for the holiday in the afternoon, so I again had to do a logistic creation to have it all under control. As it was Monday afternoon, the store was almost empty and I could move comfortably to find the items on my list: although moving with ease is never so easy for me, but I can support myself with the trolley. At least I can now relax until Thursday afternoon.

Back Garden and Frog

I really need to get out and about with my camera and collect some new photos. Even I am getting bored with my garden views, but have nothing new to offer at the moment. My frog king is keeping an eye on things and is watching the plants grow. It is really amazing how fast they develop. After my last visit from the gardener, I have an explosion in the garden of the greenery.


I am still working this one out, but I am now almost convinced that it is yarrow and am waiting for the stalk to appear in the middle to confirm my suspicions.

I never realised that work on the railway could make so much noise. During yesterday afternoon it began and they worked through the night.  When I disappeared into my bed I could hear the noise in the distance. I hope to get a few photos today when I wheel out of the village, if they have not blocked my wheelie path of escape.

My cleaning lady is not here this week and next week. She is on a visit to Mexico for some sort of conference. I now have to get on with my cleaning: a bit of this and that, and a few windows to freshen up.

Have a good day everyone, enjoy and I leave you with a view of my wild meadow opposite my garden. It begins to grow in Spring and we are not allowed to remove it until the first weeks of June to give the plants a chance to spread their seeds for next year. I find it a good idea and the remains of the meadow are gathered to make hay for the local cow population.

Wild Meadow

22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …. your plant does look similar to the yarrow plants that are sprouting in our garden, so maybe it is just that. Or something similar … chammomile? Dunno … have a good day. SLP

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  2. Your sky looks like our sky. Gray, In our case, heavy with rain to come. We are actually between rains because it rained all night and now it’s planning the next three or four days rain, I am very tired of gray skies and mud, Other than errands, there no point in going out because it’s so mucky out there I’m sure my feet will get stuck in the mud and it will suck my shoes off. It has done it before!

    Last night I realized just one thing: I want to NOT have cold feet. Just that. Warm feet.

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