FOWC with Fandango: Obviate

South Feldbrunnen 22.04 (9)

Obviate? Yes OK, never heard of it and never used it. I had a look in Internet and got the idea it was a replacement. Just to be sure I had a look to see what it was in German (I know my mother tongue should be english, but that was long ago”. I found a German word and it made a little sense, but here is my effort based on the word.

Our village is under siege from the railway. The trains are no running until Thursday and      my exist road is closed. Translation of sign: Railway Crossing closed from 30th Aoril 2019 approximately 2.00 p.m. until 2st May 2019 approximately 3.00 p.m.

Of course there is a replacement: road further down in the village. I had to escape from the village this afternoon for shopping in another village, but no problem. Although the powers that be said the alternative route will be marked, it was not marked. On a wheelie through the village with my camera last week I notice this sign further down the road with the closing details. There was a similar sign on my rail crossing dated today until tomorrow, so what could possibly go wrong? I manage to leave the village by the obviate path (did I get it right?) and completed my shopping trip.

I then had to discover my return street to my home in the village. All I had to do was find the entrance where I left the village, but I was now coming from the opposite direction.  I had my eye open for the grey building you can see in the background as a clue and yes, there was my obviating path for my car. I entered and knew that I should take a right turning to arrive home. Unfortunately there were many right turnings on the way and I was not sure which one. In the meanwhile I had slowed down because I did not want to miss my obviating route, and as I took a glance in my car mirror I saw that there were about 4 cars behind me also creeping at snail pace. I suppose they had no choice as I was at the front. Suddenly I saw my right turn, my road to home and was on my way again. I am sure the cars behind me were glad to see the back of my car.

My car is now in my underground parking space, and will not be used again until our days of evacuation due to the railway work are finished.

FOWC with Fandango: Obviate

RDP Monday: Nimble


Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick.

The candlestick is not my problem, it is the jump. I now have my walking stick, my walker (known as Rollator in German because I suppose it rolls with you) and for long distance travel my electric wheelchair. I met someone last week in the store that I had not seen for some time. Another surprise for them as they remember me from 20 years ago and not a golden oldie clinging to the shopping trolley for support.

And then someone made the comment, “it cannot be pleasant depending on a wheelchair”. They were being kind of course, but my answer brought a laugh with it. I said “a wheelchair is the best I did. I can now go on photography expeditions and no longer have to carry the heavy equipment with me. Just put the camera and the lens in a bag and wheel on with it”.

Even my walker has its advantages. I can move around at home and my computer, iPad, mobile phone and Kindle moves with me. It is all a matter of organisation. Nimble is a matter of interpretation.

RDP Monday: Nimble

Good Morning


Nothing special today. It will probably be another rainy one with cold temperatures not reaching anything higher that 10° C. There is even snow falling in the highlands although not staying for long.

Life at the moment seems to be a shopping, time on the computer and housework. Opportunities for going places and seeing things, especially with my camera, are far and few between, as my cockney mum would say.


I suppose there is a little excitement on the edge as I can see that vaious machines and vehicles are arriving for the work being carried out on the local railway line. From midday my exit to the outside world will be closed. There is naturally an alternative, but I hate disruptions in my routine, especially my driving routine. I spent eight years leaving the driving to Mr. Swiss after my retirement, just now and again taking the steering wheel to keep in practice, and now I am completely alone in the car and have to plan it all myself.

Japanese Maple tree

I don’t even have a great variety of photos at the moment. My Japanese maple tree has now sprouted its red leaves for a splash of colour.

Morning Sun

And as I am sitting here munching my bread and honey and drinking tea, the sun has arrived to brighten up my morning. I took a step outside in the cold morning air to take a photo. Who knows how long the bright skies will last. Oh, the highlights of my morning.

Poinsettia, Schlumbergera

Even my indoor “garden” of poinsettia and Sclumbergera are enjoying the sun’s rays on the kitchen table. And now I will go and enjoy the pleasures of morning exercise after my shower with the vacuum cleaner and mop. I will be at home this morning, but after lunch there will be a shopping marathon to fill up supplies until Thursday lunch time. The next holiday interruption  is 1st May, followed by Ascension day on 30th May and Whit Monday on 9th June: just one holiday after the other it seems, again interrupting my daily routine.

I hope your day will be smooth runnings with no complications as I hope mine will be. Take care and see you later after my daily duties have been fulfilled.