FOWC with Fandango: Bucolic

Aare 22.04.2019

It was something like a dream come true when I exchanged my smell of damp concrete in the East End of London for a Swiss village. I must have been the cuckoo that was put in the wrong nest. I spent the first 20 years of my life in London and decided to see what the rest of the world was like. She who seeks finds it seems and I found work as an english speaking secretary in Switzerland.

My first two years in Zürich were still town but even Zürich had a local mountain, the Uetliberg, and a lake. I moved on and arrived in Solothurn. It got greener, more rural and there were cows everywhere on the fields that were not occupied by crops of wheat and mais. Yes I had found my bucolic dream, and there was a river running through it as well, the Aar, what could be better.

I even married a Swiss who grew up in a small village on the side of a mountain. He cannot yodel, but his talents are more. He plays jazz drums. I remember once, on an evening somewhere, they had an Alp Horn and everyone had to try and play it. I took this 2-3 meter piece of wood shaped with a curve and yes, he was the only one that managed to get a tone out of it. You see, my Swiss life is perfect.

And now I must go, the cows need milking. OK not really, but they do not live far away, in the pastures surrounding my village. The chickens live next door.

Cows 02.05 (7)

Silky Chickens 04.01 (17)

FOWC with Fandango: Bucolic

RDP Sunday: Warp

A police check in Dagenham Heathway

Is this what happens when my camera drives warp speed
Everything is breaking up, just like a stampede
The lights begin to flicker, bright in every hue
I saw a police officer shaking his head. not knowing what to do
I remember in my younger years, ’twas not so long ago
Games on the computer, spaceships to and fro
They were flying warp speeds to another universe
Blazing guns to conquer all, other ships would disperse
But that was in the time gone bye, it was really just a game
Although who knows what powers plan, it might not be the same
Reality is catching up, time to spare a thought
Two seconds ago a rocket flew, will hit you in a warp

RDP Sunday: Warp

One Word Sunday: Tower

Stork 08.07.2018

Towers in my area of Switzerland, Kanton Solothurn, are very rarely left uninhabited. We have a stork colony near in the village of Altreu, but the storks are free to build their nests where they want to. Storks also tend to use the same nest again. Probably because the material they need to nest on can reach a metric ton. This seems to be a converted radio pylon.

Stork on Konzertsaal 19.04.2019 (2)

Unfortunately the storks have now discovered that in the actual town of Solothurn there are some useful places to build a nest. This is the chimney on our concert hall, and it is much to the displeasure of the local authorities. During their nesting period there is no problem, but when they abandon the nest for warmer places in late Autumn, it will have to be removed by probably a crane. In the meanwhile I always make a stop at the concert hall to see if I can get a photo of our intruders.

One Word Sunday: Tower

Good Morning


This is the only peeping view I get of the Jura mountains from my front garden. They are in middle behind the house, and yes, they have a layer of snow. After our month of spring weather, we now have rainy days and also not so warm. In the heights it has even snowed. This morning my phone told me on the front page that we had 3°C, so hoping it will warm up during the day.


However my garden is surviving and this morning I discovered my hostas are now getting ready for the summer. I have a few groups of hostas. They produce king sized leaves and nicely cover the weedy stuff that grows here and there.


I also discovered that my white tulip that surprisingly appeared last week, is no longer so white and is tinged with some pink. I do not know how it arrived in my garden, but may be an offspring of a red tulip. The tulips are now losing their petals slowly as Spring is now beginning to fade away.

My car

Yesterday afternoon it decided to rain again and so I made my way to the store as I had forgot to buy something for Monday lunch. I managed to grab the last free parking space for the handicapped. As I only had to buy very little I took my walker with me and did not have to hobble around pushing a trolley. My car is a Skoda with the name clever. I have now discovered why it is clever. As soon as I wait at a red traffic light on the road, or have to stop in the traffic, the motor cuts off and I am surrounded by silence. I have now got used to it, but at the beginning it was strange and I hoped that the motor would start again. As soon as I take the foot off the brake the motor goes into action. There is also no key to the door and it is all done by signal from the key to the car. Just tap on the door and it unlocks.  Mr. Swiss found rather me than him and he would not be so comfortable with such a car, although it is now a trend with the newer models and I have never had a car that saves so much petrol. I do not do great distances, but the usage of gas is very low. I only tank up on average every six weeks.I really love this little car and it suits me perfectly.

I did my shopping in about an hour and I was surprised that there were not many people in the store.

Supermarket Migros

It is quite a large supermarket and this shows only part of it. There are also cash desks where you can do it all by yourself with apparatus that read bar codes and machines for the money, but I prefer the personal touch when I am buying and often have a little chat with the sales ladies. After being a customer for more than 20 years, you get to know each other.

Today is Sunday and I am ready for a quiet one. I might bake something this afternoon perhaps: still thinking about it. Next week begins with a stress Monday afternoon when I will shop to cover our needs until Thursday lunchtime as our village will be on a close-down due to repair works on the railway. I will be glad for a normal week again.

Have a good Sunday everyone: enjoy and take it easy.

Migros, Langendorf

For lack of anything better to photograph, here is a view from the parking over the supermarket.  I should really go places with my camera, but the weather is not so good at the moment and I am a little short of time.