FOWC with Fandango: Respite

Bleeding Heart

There are some trials in life that put you to the test
I really try hard to show myself from the best
A ring at the door and a lady standing there
In her had a small bouquet, did she want to share?
She was profusely saying sorry, she cut them from my yard
Visiting her son next door, she was very much off guard
She thought my yard was his, and found they looked so fine
I was surprised, a little perturbed, because they were really mine
However I paused for a moment, deciding on respite
She was glad I stayed cool and was really in a plight
They were only flowers, and I still had many growing
What is the point of making a fuss,
Flowers in my garden is really overflowing

FOWC with Fandango: Respite

Good Morning

Front Garden in the rain

Yesterday it stopped raining at lunch time and was a clear day afterwards, even with a bit of sun, but today the rains have returned.  My daffodil is now looking a little bedraggled, but all good things come to an end at some time.  When it is completely finished it will be replaced probably with a potted rose and planted in my garden around my buddleia which I did with last year’s crop.

Lilac 26.04 (1)

The lilac tree opposite my garden is now thinking about opening its flowers. It is one of the bushes planted in our wild meadow and has been there since we moved in, 20 years ago. Time really flies. We were living in a rented apartment before we moved here. It was in town and in an old building. We even had cockroaches as neighbours now and again. They had probably been living between the floorboards before we arrived. I hate the pests, although you did not often see them. We lived there for 18 years, bringing up 4 kids, but it was a nice roomy place with four bedrooms and a large kitchen where we could eat. However the kitchen was fairly basic with gas. We had a washing machine and dishwasher fitted into it, so it was comfortable living (except for the cockroaches now and again). We even had a mansard room (in the roof) which was useful as an office. Sometimes Mr. Swiss would use it for painting. There were no cockroaches there, just a mouse now and again.

We also had a cellar and I am not really sure what lived down there when we were not there. That is the disadvantage with the old buildings I suppose. After we moved out another family moved in and a couple of years later the whole place was renovated with all mod cons. Can you renovate cockroaches? I am sure they are still there somewhere in a dark corner continuing their lives: one of the disadvantages of old buildings and living in town I suppose

Now we live in the country amongst the hedgehogs and crows. The only roommates we might have are the occasional spider or creeping immigrant from the garden, but they are no big problem. Yesterday I had a spider stranded in my sink in the kitchen. He was struggling to get out but kept slipping back on the metal wall of the sink. I decided to help and picked him up with kitchen paper and deposited him in the garden. He waved goodbye and disappeared in the undergrowth.

Sun roses and a caterpillar

I am really getting some surprises with the plants my gardening designer put into my newly constructed garden. I identified these as sun roses (helianthemum for the experts) which really add a nice splash of colour to my raised bed. Even my caterpillar seems to appreciate them.

Otherwise life goes on as usual in the backwoods of Switzerland. Yesterday it was week-end shopping and the store was almost empty. I was surprised as I thought it was a 10% day, but it seems only for the electronics: vacuum cleaners, computers, washing machies etc. I did my shopping quite quickly and today realised I forgot to get something for Monday lunch, meaning either I go again today (which is a no go for me) or find something to dish up. Pasta and tomato sauce is not really my thing. I have now decided to go shopping on Monday morning. In the afternoon our local exit from the village is closed due to work on the railway for a couple of days and I am not sure how it will be organised. If I deal with my shopping on Monday morning I can leave by the normal exit. I will do shopping to cover up to Thursday. I already have the menu planned and then the railway work will be finished. I am becoming a qualified logistic expert.

I have also decided to cut back a little on my blogging exercises and am reducing the photo challenges I do. They were fun while they lasted, but they need time. I want to move with more freedom on my computer and take photos. Challenges tend to narrow my field of action and my time is no longer as it was. I move slower and have a family to care for. My reading time also suffers and that is my ideal relaxing time.

And now to get today planned, I will leave you. Even Saturday has its work to do. It looks like it will be a wet one so no wheelie excursions. May the sun shine where you are, and if not, I am sure you will find something to occupy yourself with, like a computer.

Ornament Back Garden

In the meanwhile my garden snail says goodbye. He is busy looking after my plants.