RDP Friday: Rash


At the beginning of May last year I discovered this plant growing in my garden. I wrote about it here now and again as I watched it growing.  I did not know where it came from or where it was going. My first thought was that it was a rhubarb plant, although the stalks were not so rhubarby – no red colouring. Perhaps it was something poisonous? It then came to pass that my gardener was weeding and taking care of my garden and asked what he should do with it, He also did not really know what it was. In the meanwhile it was expanding and growing. I made a rash decision, and told the gardener to remove it.


And look what I discovered growing in my garden today. At first it disguised itself as a hollyhock, when it began to grow, as I have a few hollyhocks. But hollyhock leaves behave, they do not expand and stretch, they remain neat and allow a stalk to grow with the flower buds. This mysterious plant shows no attempt at a flower bud at the moment. It is just growing and making one mega leaf after another, with fleshy stalks.

It is growing in the same place as the one I had removed last year, which leads me to the conclusion that it is planning to take over and remaining. I had a look in my PlantSnap identification system and it said it was garden rhubarb. I have come to the conclusion that the gardener did not dig deep enough to remove traces of this strange plant and a remainder was left which has decided to grow and appear again in my garden this year.

This year no rash decisions will be made and I will leave this plant to grow. It might be quite tasty. If my blog suddenly disappears this summer, blame it on the consumption of a rhubarb pie, which was not actually rhubarb.

RDP Friday: Rash

14 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Rash

  1. That looks like helleboros growing to the right of it. I have one of those plants in bloom right now. Good luck with your alien plant. Hopefully it doesn’t grow a large pod and pull you into it.

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    • It is a heelborus, I have a few in the garden, including a white Christmas Rose. They have bee flowering since February. At least my plant might hit the headlines if it starts to breathe and walk.

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  2. We’ve got something that looks very much like it growing in our woods every spring. It’s called (locally) wild rhubarb, and it’s edible, though how good it might taste i couldn’t tell you. It has saved lived during droughts before the days of grocery stores. I’ll send you a couple of pictures because when I took pictures yesterday, it was growing everywhere.

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  3. It could be Butterbur, which is just starting to spring up here in the uk. The leaves do get very big & grow very quickly, much like Rhubarb. Last year our Grandchildren used them as parasols in the hot summer! They are usually pre-ceded by pink, cone-shaped multi-flowers, that are reminiscent of hyacinths, with smaller flowers. Extracts are used for many homeopathic cures.

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  4. I still have no idea what that is. There is a rhubarb that grows in the deserts of the Southwest that looks something like that, but I can not imagine what it would be doing there. The second picture looks different from the first from last year.

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