Good Morning

Rainy Morning

It is the day that the rains came down, but not so torrential, just a steady downpour. I do not mind as after two weeks of no rain and watering the garden every day it is a pleasant change, although if it becomes a week of rain, I will glad when it goes again. With the weather you can never be satisfied. I am not going places at the moment in any case.

First of all I was condemned to a week of shopping due to Easter. Easter Monday did not do me any favours and I was forced to go shopping on Tuesday and yesterday which are not my normal shopping days. Today is Friday so back to the store this afternoon for the week-end food and then next week I will be isolated in my village. A shopping trip on Monday afternoon to cover until Thursday again because our local railway lines are being replaced and we have May Day on Wednesday. May Day is just half a day in the afternoon for a holiday. Perhaps I might venture into town to see if something interesting is happening. I believe our social party might stage a small gathering and there will be some sort of local politician holding a speech, although I am not sure. In my younger days I was just glad to have half a day’s holiday, but now I have the time to explore the world around me and I might get a few photos for the camera.

Back Garden

I even managed to read two chapters of a book yesterday evening. My life style no longer allows for so much “me” time and I am seriously thinking about cutting down on my blogging life. Nothing drastic, and I will write my usual daily pieces. I need it to keep my brain alive. It is just the challenges that I might be reducing. We are both not getting younger and time has become the most important commodity that we have.

Yesterday I was at the store for a few bits and pieces and was surprised how empty it was. I had the parking spaces for handicapped to myself. Today they have one of those special days with 10% less on everything meaning it might get a little hectic for everyone. Personally I would rather have the 10% more and peace in my shopping routine. I will probably have to fight for a parking space today.


By the way I treated myself to a gift. They do not usually sell them in the store, but had a special offer. It is a grabber, at least I think that is what they are called. I could have ordered one some time ago, but never bothered, but I do have problems when I drop something to pick it up. Now I have my grabber. I find it is really useful. I can even clamp a cleaning cloth in the grip to wipe over the difficult places. They naturally only had the basic model in the store, but it is fine for me.

And now action time to keep my joints moving. Have a good day wherever you are. I leave you with a tulip greeting. They are not mine, but I saw them last week on a wheelie around the village and found them to really be something special.

Tulips 22.04 (1)

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Now and again Migros have something useful. I saw it in their app that they only had them solange Vorrat and there were only three left, so I jumped at the chance


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