FOWC with Fandango: Lady

Trachetngruppe 20.10 (2)

Define a Lady.  I was in town once and suddenly this group of ladies appeared. They were dressed in Swiss national costume and were on an outing together. Perhaps they were members of a yodel choir. The national dress is not something you usually order in a mail catalogue, but is made to measure by a dress maker and they are not easy to make. Although it is defined as the national costume, I can hardly imagine that the great great grandparents wore such wonderful creations. Actually there are two kinds of costume, that for working days and that for Sundays and holidays. This is the Sunday dress. The workday dress was in a similar style, but the material was more plain and of course no flowers worn in the bosom of the ladies. Experts can even say which part of Switzerland the national dress shown is worn. I would say Kanton Bern in this case, but just a guess on my side Note the jewellery, a plain broach.

It is an expensive way to dress today, but in the past it was the normal daily costume, at least the cheaper work day version.

FOWC with Fandango: Lady

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