FOWC with Fandango: Hurry

South Feldbrunnen 22.04 (9)

You can hurry as much as you want to
But there is always something in the way
They ae isolating our village next week
Even on May Day
Does it really matter,
But I have to feed us all
And so I plan my life again
I will not be having a ball
This road is closed, so find another
But that is closed as well
Life in the country is so nice
Although it can also be hell
In the morning it will be open
But then I like to clean
The afternoon is 1st May
A holiday, oh how mean
And so on Monday I make my way
I shop for half a week
On Thursday they will let me out
And shopping I will seek
Why must lift be full of stress
From Pontious to Pilatus I scurry
All I want is to take it easy
I really do not want to hurry

FOWC with Fandango: Hurry

5 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Hurry

  1. Ah, it’s that time of year again. Downtown is closed for construction that will last until the snow falls. There is construction on our street so you can’t turn. Finding a way ANYWHERE is absurd. They close down streets without realizing that there is no alternate route for a lot of areas. We only have ONE road and if they close the intersection at the end of this road, you can’t get into town or anywhere else. You can’t even get into Rhode Island. I don’t know what they think we are going to do.

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    • We have been promised, in writing by the village chieftains, that a way out of the village is guaranteed. I will try it out on Monday, otherwise I will break through the barriers. “Angloswiss lady drives amok when wanting to leave her village”.


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