7 thoughts on “FOTD 25th April 2019: Dogwood

  1. I’m bewildered…. Aren’t those huge Busy Lizzies? They sure look alike (but maybe are really too big to be ….) Anyway, I’m not the gardening expert so I am glad to have learned something new – so far, my understanding of dogwood was rather shrubs…. I think I’ll check that out for myself a bit later. Or there are so many different ones!!!! Thanks a lot.

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      • Impatiens hawkeri, New Guinea impatiens – It is related to busy LIzzie. They used to be uncommon here, but became more popular in the past few years as the common busy Lizzie succumbed to a fungal pathogen. They are herbaceous, so lack the woody stems of dogwoods.

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          • That one has exceptionally big flowers. There is another that has pale pink flowers that are about the size of the common bedding plants, but the stems stand four or five feet tall. I grew them at my Pa’s house in Montara. They weren’t very pretty, but I liked them.

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