FOWC with Fandango: Hurry

South Feldbrunnen 22.04 (9)

You can hurry as much as you want to
But there is always something in the way
They ae isolating our village next week
Even on May Day
Does it really matter,
But I have to feed us all
And so I plan my life again
I will not be having a ball
This road is closed, so find another
But that is closed as well
Life in the country is so nice
Although it can also be hell
In the morning it will be open
But then I like to clean
The afternoon is 1st May
A holiday, oh how mean
And so on Monday I make my way
I shop for half a week
On Thursday they will let me out
And shopping I will seek
Why must lift be full of stress
From Pontious to Pilatus I scurry
All I want is to take it easy
I really do not want to hurry

FOWC with Fandango: Hurry

RDP Thursday: Cornucopia


An explosion outside
Someone said it was Spring
The goat’s horn is full again
Vegetation is having a fling
A concucopia of delights
With flowers and berries and such
The bees are buzzing, the flies have returned
It’s getting a little too much
Spring is making the most of it
But there is thunder in the air
It is all part of the picture
The goat now has a care
Give me back my horn right now
Stop filling it with delights
It is a part of my appearance
And I need it for my fights

RDP Thursday: Cornucopia

Good Morning


Yesterday late afternoon we had a Föhn storm. The Föhn is a wind we get sometimes in Switzerland. It comes from the Alps in the South and in Wikipedia it says “The wind can cause heavy storms with winds of hurricane strength and top speeds of up to 150 km/h (93 mph)” although we did not quite get 150 km, but it was very windy. Some also tend to have headaches when the Föhn is blowing, although I am not affected. So we got this strong wind yesterday and it was a cold unfriendly wind. It blew over my potted rose which survived. I repotted it in a larger pot afterwards. There were a few objects flying around in the air. My metal garden frog gave up and was laying on the ground, so I rescued him to safety until this morning.

Clouds 24.04 (2)

Our friendly sky also turned to this and I heard a roll of thunder in the distance. We got some rain, but not very much. The spook was over in about ten minutes and our blue skies returned as if nothing had happened. I read that Zürich had very strong winds. This morning we have the usual “nice” sky again, and you could even see the moon reflecting in the sun, However the Föhn is only waiting in the Jura, and will return again this afternoon as an overture to the rainy days that will begin afterwards. In the meanwhile I will enjoy the pleasant weather as long as it lasts.


My herbs in my raised bed are growing regardless and I have never had such a successful harvest. The chives are sprouting like mad, and I even cut off a flower yesterday. They have lovely flowers, but I prefer the stalks for my salad sauce. It seems if they produce too many flowers it does not have the strength for the stalks.

Next to it is my parsley. I was taking a chance with the parsley as it is a favourite slug dinner, but up to now no slugs. Perhaps that do not climb the raised beds. The gardener said that chives and parsley do not like each other as neighbours but mine seem to have reached an agreement to leave each other to their own thing.

Looking on at the back is my thyme. Before I begin to cook you often see me in the garden with the scissors snipping my herbs for the pot and their flavours. Yesterday I filled up a can with fertiliser mixed with the water to keep them strong.

Barrenwort 24.04.2019

I also have this flowering in the garden at the moment. I have a few of them here and there from the gardener who planted them. The lady said they are a good ground cover. I discovered they are called barrenwort according to my app. There are all sorts of surprises at the moment.

This morning I performed my usual routine for my blog. I always enter through the reader to write and yes, WordPress have again decided to change the programme and my accustomed path was no longer there.  After a search I found the way again. Another case of mending when it is not broken.

I was intending to go for a wheelie yesterday, but I was not feeling so good and when the weather began to change I decided home was the best place. Today I have a short visit to the store to get set up until tomorrow. It is a strange week after Easter, no routine.

South Feldbrunnen 22.04 (6)

Enjoy the day and hope that Spring is springing in your world as well as mine. The river banks are now quite green. I am off to my daily chores.