RDP Wednesday: Book


This is my book(s) (known as Kindle), well just part of it. It does not smell like a book, does not feel like a book and is not heavy like  book. It is light weight, electronic and does what I tell it to do. I can upload my book from somewhere in the cyber bookworld and within a few seconds I have the full version (sometimes 3-400 pages) at my fingertips to read. It contains approximately 500 books at the moment, but always increasing and the languages are all there, according to whether you understand and can read them. Mr. Swiss also has such a Kindle, the advantage being that his and my Kindle books are available on all our electronic apparatus. This means whilst he reads a book on his Kindle that appeals to me, I can also read it on his iPad.

I like to take my book(s) with me wherever I go and upload a new one when I am finished with the book in progress. This is possible thanks to 3g, 4g or whatever you have on your Kindle as an electronic connection, even when I am not at home..

A book is not longer a book, but has become a comfortable connection laying in my hands. And so Mr. Swiss and I are  in our armchairs in the evening, both holding our Kindles in our hands and are comfortable with them, unless we are watching the TV or are busy with our respective computers.

It is an online cyber life we lead. Who needs a library, do they still exist?

RDP Wednesday: Book

9 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Book

  1. As a library junkie (I walk in and the librarians greet me by name), I wish I could love a Kindle. Something about turning pages unplugged (is that acoustic reading?) keeps me hooked on books. However, your post makes me realize it’s time to consider my cyber alternative!

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    • Living in a German speaking country as a Brit (Angloswiss as I have Swiss nationality as well) english books are not so common and I usually have to order them. Of course there is a large section in the library in english, but I am no longer so mobile as I was. Kindle is the ideal solution for me. I also speak and read German with no problem, but I like to read books in english and german in the original language.


  2. I totally LOVE my Kindle too. A lot of my books I have both in print and as audio, so I can follow along in print at the same time, or Garry can read them in print and I can listen … AND we can listen together. And instead of having to have trunk full of books when we are away (though we aren’t away very often), the Kindle brings my whole library with me. AND it has its own light. Yay Kindle!

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  3. I find the Kindle very handy for travelling or even to read on the bus going to and from Hobart. It’s comfortable for reading in bed too. The only thing I miss is that mine, a basic model, does not do pictures. I recently read a travel book on it and the author had supplied links to see the photos on his website but I wanted to see them while I was reading so that was disappointing. I guess the more upmarket models might be better for illustrated books. I bought a cheap one to begin with because I wasn’t sure I would use it a lot.

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    • Many still prefer a real book. I am glad for my Kindle. I do not have to hold something heavy in my hands and can upload in english. Otherwise I have to order the english versions at the local bookshop and wait for a couple of days.


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